Monday, March 21, 2016

March 14, 2106

Week 3 in Ocean Springs

This week has been a pretty slow week with there being a lot of
meetings and a big rain storm rolling through but at the same time we
got some good missionary work done this week and had some fun at the
same time.

Here is the week Breakdown:

After emailing we went and played some sports on the beach with the
Biloxi District.  We were playing some beach volleyball and then we
also got some random people to play with us also and then they had a
football and so we played some football on the beach as well and that
was a fun time.  We got to talk to the high schoolers about us on
missions and what we do and they seemed pretty interested and just
small things like that where they have a positive experience of what
missionaries are, that can plant a seed and maybe they will let
missionaries in when their house gets a knock on the door.

We had a Zone training Meeting where there was heavy focus on working
with the Members and how we can work on getting referrals from them
through practices and them inviting their friends to do small things
like watch a mormon message or come over for a family home evening.
Small things like that is how people can get that social conversion
and be receptive to the Elders or Sister missionaries teaching them
for the Spiritual conversion which will come shortly after that.
After our meeting we went to a members house with the family history
consultants to practice teaching how to use before
our class that we will start this coming saturday at the Library and
so that was a good practice and it was good getting the kinks out of
our system before the real thing.  Should be a good class that we
teach and hopefully there will be some success from that.

Wednesday:  We went out Home Teaching with Brother Gonder and we met a
man named Arty who is married to a member of the ward but is not a
member.  He is a big name down here in Ocean Springs. Basically a big
rock star along the coast and so it was cool to meet him.  He talked
about how he was interesting in learning about how he could be sealed
to his wife and so we are now teaching him the lessons which is
awesome.  Hopefully he will start progressing soon and then he could
have a date and then get him one step closer to being sealed to his
new wife.  That would be a great experience.    Later we talked to the
members of the ward on getting the youth involved with the
missionaries so they will have a desire to serve missions when they
are older.  So we will be doing some missionary related mutual
activities within the next few weeks.

Thursday/ Friday:
These days we were trying to get as many potential investigators from
the past contacted but due to the storm and a lot of people being gone
we struggled finding more people to teach but in our weekly planning
we made a good game plan for next week so hopefully that will change
for us soon.  We should have more success in the coming days.  But
these were pretty slow days.

We went and did a lot of service on saturday.  We volunteered at the
towns spring art festival and that was pretty fun.  We got to greet
people and talk to anyone and that is perfect for missionaries.  We
also did some more service at the Library putting books away and
setting up for some events.  Its good getting out there in the
community and seeing if there are ways we can help.  In the future we
will be helping at a soup kitchen as well and maybe a retirement home.
On sunday we had a good church service and I had to teach Elders
Quorum on chapter two in the Howard W Hunter Book so i would suggest
reading that.  It has some good stuff on having peace in your life and
it has some good quotes and scriptures that helped me a lot this week.
Later we went to see less actives with a member in the ward and did
that the rest of the night.  Good way to end the week.

I hope you all had a great week and found some way to come closer to
the savior because that is how you can find peace in your life.  he is
the way the truth and the light.  Also, it would be awesome hearing
from y'all on how you guys are doing.  Stay awesome and remember the
Book is Blue, the Church is True and Jesus loves you.

- Elder Crouch

These are the elders from the other mission serving in Pascagoula.
There is elder richardson and elder lee-lo

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