Monday, March 21, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey Everybody,

Hope you are doing well and that things are going good for y'all.
This week was full of Less Active visits, good food, and some good
Member Involvement.

 Before the Week rundown, Just wanted to give a shout out to the Knoll
and Alhalteh families for being such awesome people in the Madison
ward and they will be missed by me!  Especially the Knoll twins

But on to the Week Rundown

Monday: To have a nice and relaxing P Day we went and walked around
downtown Ocean Springs and we got to check out the shops and see what
things the city had to offer for Service as well which is something
the mission is trying to focus on.  The more service we can get the
better.  We then had some good food at a members house.

Tuesday/ Wednesday:  Me and Elder Schliep went out with Members these
days to go and help them with their home teaching when it comes to
Less Actives And Inactives which was very productive.  Due to it, on
Sunday, three members got back into Church for Sacrament at least
which was nice too see.  Hopefully they will consistently come back
but we will keep working with them all.   Later in the day, Elder
Schliep thought he would try to eat the Mugshot challenge which is a
huge burger at this good place and its 3 Half pound patty burgers and
two orders of fries and you have to eat it in 12 minutes and he
got really close but the time sneaked up on him and so like the paper
said, if you don't finish it, its 20 bucks and a stomach ache and that
is exactly what he had to pay.

Thursday / Friday;
On Thursday we went tracting and got a few new potential investigators
and we also saw Bret, the man in the wheelchair again and it was good
to see him.  He said that they may have to amputate his other leg and
he would have to pay the co pay and so we had a lesson on trials with
him and that helped him out a lot.  He is a good guy and we just need
to find a way to get a ride for him  so he can experience church and I
think he would be a great progressing investigator.  That night, I
tried a craw fish platter for the first time and it was really good.
I would highly recommend it to anyone coming down to the south! Other
than that we just saw some more Less Actives and it was good to see
some with strong testimonies but its also hard seeing some so far off
the path.  The good thing is that we know that because of the
Atonement, we can always get back to where we need to be.

Saturday:  We had a lot of errands to run this day.  We got to do a
lot of Service as well.  We helped 20+ families fill their orders at
the church and it was cool to see the welfare programs of the church
really benefit members that are in need.  We also helped some members
rake up some leaves for a little while and for our payment they gave
us some free haircuts which was really nice of them.  Later in the
evening we attended the Ward Luau which was a fundraiser for the Young
Men and young men where you could auction desserts and what not and
one thing they auctioned was Pies to throw in the face of anyone you
want if you buy it and of course... someone bought one and had to Pie
me so i got whip cream pie shoved in my face then and it burns your
eyes pretty good but it was for a good cause so oh well.

Sunday: We had a good fast Sunday this time and saw some new faces in
church which is always a good sign.  me and Elder Schliep taught
Gospel Principles and we taught on the Millennium which is a great
topic.  It will be a great time for everyone and there will be so much
peace on the earth.  And then later we talked in Priesthood about
discerning the spirit and one thing I remembered is that Elder Bednar
in a face to face thing he did which was pretty cool.  Someone asked
him how you discern your conscious from promptings from the Holy Ghost
and he said "Who cares, if it is good, it is of the Spirit so just do
it and you will be blessed for it"  That was a great thing to hear and
was a big impact on me.  Just do the right things and you will be

I hope you all have a great week and that you remember the small
things that you are given through the gospel.  The Atonement is real
and be sure to use it every day.  One great chapter to read would Be
Alma chapter 7.  I would Highly recommend it!

With Love
-Elder Crouch

Hey Mom
It sounds like you and dad had a great trip and i am glad that you
enjoyed the Birthday card and that you could have a good birthday in
texas with the Boswells.  Their babies are really cute and i bet it
was really nice to see them again.  The area looks pretty nice but
like you and dad are saying, i hope that Vegas works out because that
would be the most comfortable move for the family.
This week was a pretty good week for us.  We really focused on trying
to get Less Actives and Inactives into church and due to our efforts
we got two or three people back in.  Hopefully they will get back
consistently but we will see.  Monday we went and walked around the
downtown area of the city which was really cool and then we walked the
beach and saw some of the shops and some of the people and the boats
out on the water.  There are islands about a mile past shore and
because of that, there are no waves so the water is even calmer than
Lake Tahoe which is a little weird to me but its still nice seeing the
Ocean daily.
Some other cool stuff we did this week is that I tried craw fish for
the first time.  A member took us out to a craw fish boil place where
they just have platters of the craw-fish with whole potatoes and some
corn and holy crap that was good.  It Cajun spices and that made it
super flavorful.  I ended up eating 3 pounds of craw fish haha.
Definitely something you and dad should try if you have not done that
Elder Schliep thought he could be a man on Wednesday and try what they
call the Mugshot challenge which is a burger challenge where its three
half pound burgers stacked together and two orders of fries in twelve
minutes.  he got pretty far and could have finished it but he ran out
of time.  I could tell that every bite was starting to hurt for him
however haha.
We had members come out with us a lot this week and what we are doing
with a lot of the member is we go home teaching with them and visit
the less active and inactive families they have on their list which is
a cool thought and nice to see a new way of getting missionary work
The members are awesome.  Like Sister Doyle takes our white shirts and
colors on sunday and washes them and gives us them back on monday
mornings and then we wash garments at a members house and then he also
lets us work out and lift weights in the morning and then people
always offer to feed us.  Its pretty nice haha.  I am starting to
learn the area more too.  By the time its my turn to lead the area i
should be fine but I dont know if I will know how to get everywhere
else.  Its nice with Elder Schliep having a GPS thats for sure.
But other than that we didnt do too much stuff.  I hope that you have
a great week and I just got on so I will be able to chat for a bit.  I
love ya and if we cant talk then I hope you have a great week.
Elder Crouch

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