Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Pentecostals, Baptismal Dates, Gators....The Fun Stuff

Howdy Y'all,
This week has been a really good one where you can see that the
hardwork and times that are tough are there to see if you stay
obedient and also turn to the lord.  We pushed through harder times
and we got some blessings this week because of it and some crazy
stories as well.
We taught Latonya, a lady who ran into us at Sonic and asked if we
could talk to her about what we believe in, and she believes heavily
in tongues and even prayed in tongues right before we left that place.
She decided she would do a church swap with us and so on Saturday we
took her into our building so she could feel the reverence and how we
worship and then she came to our church this past Sunday and she did
pretty good but left after Sacrament meeting but we still had to hold
up our end of the bargain and so last night we attended her
Pentecostal church and that place was crazy.  It was a rock concert
with screaming and dancing and running laps around the building and
people trying to bless each other and speaking in tongues.  I am just
glad that I am a member of this church because I could not handle that
every week.  It was too chaotic.
We also had a priest quorumn member ask us if we could teach his
friend Makala and so we taught her before a mutual and she was
awesome.  She had some good questions and the lessons went good so far
and so she has a baptismal date set and it looks like if everything
works out, she could be a member by mid April which is a blessing
right there.  We see Arty this week and hopefully his is on the same
path as Makala but its just nice to see excitment in the Youth to help
us teach and have there friends be happier in a true Gospel.
We also went out with Brother Wolfe on Sunday to see some less active
visits and we got to see 3 members who we havent seen in church in a
long time and hopefully that will spark something in them.  The gospel
is what they need.  But when we were driving home from that we saw a
gator chilling in the bayou which was awesome.  A little on the
smaller side (7-8 feet) but still pretty cool to see.
We also had success teaching our family history class at the Library
with  That had a full class of 8 people and we
should have another full class next Saturday.  Didnt think that family
history would spark such an excitement but it really works so look
into your family history.  Its pretty cool what you can find.
But I hope you have a great week and find something in the scriptures
that you think really shows the true meaning of easter with easter
Sunday coming up this week.  If you find one, i would love to read
what scriptures you love.
Have an awesome week
-Elder Crouch

Hey Hey,
Sounds like you had a fun week and it must be a relief knowing that
you are finally done with the crazy hectic choices of whats next and
you can finally just settle down.  I had a pretty hectic week myself
though and it made it go by fast but it had some ups and some downs as
most missionary work does anyways.
We started the week off by teaching that lady who ran into us at
sonic, Latonya, and we brought the bishop with us.  It was a mistake
because we all got committed to attend her church once for her to meet
with us, like a church swap and she like was pretty rude to the bishop
and i felt bad for the poor old guy buy hopefully we either baptize
her or drop her before he has to go.  But at the end of the lesson she
prayed and of course did it in tongues and you almost feel spiritually
violated when someone does that.  We thought it would be a good idea
to do a church tour with her Saturdayy so that when she came on
Sunday, she would know of the reverence in which we worship and so
that helped out a bit but she still gives me some bad feels.  She came
to sacrament meeting and she was quiet but she was mouthing prayers to
herself in tongues and it was a weird feeling.  We then attended her
church that night with some other missionaries and it was a chaotic
mess.  There was a rock band huge chior, people dancing and running
laps around the place and screaming and waving their arms and speaking
in tongues.  It was just nuts and thats how they worship.  Doesnt
really make sense to me.  But oh well.  I was just glad to get out of
We also had a great investigator fall into our laps however.  A priest
in the ward brought her (makala) to the church before mutual for us to
teach her and she is awesome and committed to baptism and she should
be baptized around middle of April which would be really nice.  We see
her again on Wednesday for our third lesson with her and that should
be a critical lesson to see how serious she is about all of this.
Other than that we just did a lot of service and teaching random
people that got no where.
The Family History Class was a success however.  We had a full class
which we were not expecting and every person there had a great time
finding stuff about their past and some singed up for next week as
well which was nice so it should be a good class we continue to do.
But other than that it has been the same old missionary stuff. Getting
excited to move into the new apartment next week.  Highlight of my
week was I got a package from meghann  this week with pictures a tie
and some goodies which was really nice to get.
I hope you have a good week and hope we can chat as well.
Love ya

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