Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday March 28, 2016

Hey Mamma,
Happy Easter.  We have had a pretty slow week because of a lot of
meetings and what not.  We had a decent turnout this Saturday for our
Family History class.  We wont be teaching that again until the end of
Next month, which will be close to my 7 month mark... kind of weird to
think about but times moving pretty quick.  And May 8 is mothers day
which means skyping which should be awesome as well. But anyways haha,
We also did a lot of service.  A lady in the ward named sister
Lippincott has a 100 acres of land and so we got to do service over
there and I was in charge of the weed wacker and had to mow down like
2 foot tall weeds over a quarter acre, and so I couldnt really see
where I was stepping and I stepped on a red ant hill and they climbed
all up my legs and bit my legs like crazy so it looks like I have
chicken pox but they are calming down now and hopefully it isnt
chiggers as well but if it is, I am sure I can handle it.  Its only
annoying occasionally.
We have been teaching Makala and a guy named Brett.  Brett is in a
wheelchair and has only one leg and has something wrong with his vocal
chords and talks like he was smoking ten packs for twenty years but
hes a cool dude and listens to us teach the gospel is nice.  Makala is
who is really progressing.  She is taking the lessons regularly and
coming to church and so she should be baptized within a month is my
guess and her friend who is a priest in the ward would probably dunk
I did hear about mitchell.  Washington DC.  That is such a dang cool
mission.  I am really jealous.  He will do awesome.  I know it. What a
We had a good easter.  We had a crawfish boil with the members named
the Doyles.  They are a young couple and probably my favorite in the
ward.  In August they said they are going to visit their family in
Vegas, so i said they should stop by and say hi and they said maybe
you would want to go to the temple with them and so that could be a
cool experience for y'all.
Other than that we had a meeting on thursday where they put these
boxes in our cars that tells the president where we are at all times,
if we speed we lose our driving privelages and its basically big
brother for our car.  Kind of sucks.  But i am not to worried about
it.  I am a good driver anyways.
But thats about it for me.  Hope you have a great week and cant wait to chat.
Thanks for the package by the way.  Loved  the Photo Album.
Love ya
Elder Crouch

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