Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 11, 2016 Staying in Ocean Springs

Howdy Y'all,
With the transfer ending, we got our transfer calls and me and Elder
Schliep are staying together one more transfer here in Ocean Springs
which is good because we are starting to see some success here in the

We are working a lot with our Member Referral Makala and she is
getting ready for baptism and told us that she is excited for it to
happen and how its the beginning of a new chapter in her life.  That
baptism should be in the next few weeks so keep your fingers crossed
that everything goes well with her!

We went on exchanges with the ZL this week and I was mainly with Elder
Jensen from Las Vegas who plays volleyball and it was cool because me
and him basically had the same group of friends growing up we just
never knew each other.  Its a small world and we grew a lot and had
some good teaching experiences, including tearing up like 10 packs of
cigarettes to help a lady quit smoking. That was pretty cool.

We have been getting fed well by the members and should be getting fed
almost every day this week which is awesome.  I really like the
members here in Ocean Springs.

One thing that I really liked today in personal study was in chapter
one of the preach my gospel and it is on our purpose.  We as members
have the key to the celestial kingdom and we are trying to give out
free copies.  We need to teach boldly so that people keep commitments
and so that they can use that key and experience the blessings of the
kingdom.  So see how you can teach boldly and clearly.  I will work on
it as well.  I hope you all have a great week and cant wait to hear

-Elder Crouch

Hey Momma,
This week was pretty good and I am glad that you had some cool
experiences with Emmas BDay and the check from Lally and then your
friend feeding some missionaries.  It is cool hearing experiences like

First of all, we got our Transfer calls and me and Elder Schliep are
staying together for one more transfer so at least until May 22.  So
this transfer we will have mothers day calls and my birthday which
will be sweet.  We are in our new apartment. Wanna know the best part about
the apartment.... i dont get cut off in the mirror because its huge in my bathroom haha

the exchanges with the ZL was cool.
I was with Elder Jensen and he is from Vegas as well and we have like
the same group of friends and he plays volleyball and we even played
against each other without knowing it so that was pretty cool to
figure out.  Today we will probably be playing football with some
missionaries in Biloxi and that is about it.  Eating dinner with the
Chelsey family having Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburgers.  Totally
excited for that one.

We Have been teaching Makala lately and frequently and she is ready
for baptism for sure.  She told us that she is super excited to be
baptism and how it is not the end it is just the beginning of a new
chapter of her life so we will be teaching her a few more things and
have her baptismal service probably April 22nd or 23rd.  So baptism
number two for Elder Crouch is coming in the near future.

We have also been teaching Brett but he isnt keeping commitments and
that makes teaching hard so hopefully things will change soon and he
will see the importance of the message in which we teach.  We didnt
get a chance to teach Arty lately but we will try to establish contact
with him as well.
The ward here is being way awesome.  They are feeding us every day
this week which is sweet and a family just moved here from vegas which
is pretty cool.  I am glad that I am staying. The two sisters that
were in my district though are leaving so the missionaries we work
with are totally changing on us which is crazy but oh well.  change is
I hope that you all have had a great week and have a good week coming
up.  It will be awesome chatting and cant wait to do so.  Love ya!
-Elder Crouch

With Elder Jensen from Las Vegas

Town Hall in Ocean Springs 

My big mirror

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