Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 18, 2016 The Life in Ocean Springs

Hows It Going,
This week in Ocean Springs was a good one! Especially because things
with Makala are still going good and we are on tract for her to be
baptized this Friday night which is awesome! Just have to get
her interviewed and it should be all set to go.  With spring break
happening this past week though, it was hard to see some of the people
we wanted to and so finding was really slow this week and some of our
investigators just kind of fell out of contact this week but we will
hunt them down haha.

We Got two new sisters in the District due to the sisters area getting
white washed and we got Sister Steadman and Sister May and they are
both from Idaho and from what I can tell, they seem pretty cool and
like they will be some hard working sisters which is what their area

Me and Elder Schliep got in  contact with two missionaries from the
neighboring mission and they are coming this Friday to train us and a
few more companionship's on how to teach our Family History class at
the library and how we can get investigators out of it and that will
make Friday a busy day for sure.

Just one cool thing from studies this week is in Preach My Gospel in
the recognizing the spirit section.  Lots of people sometimes stop
believing in god because they dont get the answers to their radical
prayers such as a new house or money or things of the world and I read
that God will be there to answer our Practical and Strengthening
prayers and so just make sure that when you are praying, that your
needs and wants arent selfish and that they are something that can
strengthen you and are practical to your needs.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks to everyone who emails me
and keeps me updated.  It means a lot!  Stay awesome y'all.

-Elder Crouch

Hey Mama,
The Krispy Kreme burgers were way good. Highly recommended! And this
week was a pretty quick one I guess.  But it sounds like you had a
pretty relaxed week.  Pretty jealous if I do say so myself.  We are
still working with makala and she is scheduled to be baptized this
Friday night but her interview is this Thursday so keep your fingers
crossed.  Things are going good with her.  She has had all of the
lessons and she is pretty solid so I dont think there will be anything
holding her back from it happening on Friday.
We got two new sisters in our District.  Sister Steadman and Sister
May, both from Idaho and they seem to be pretty cool.  Only have had a
few days with them so I don't really know too much what they are like.
But I was so pumped to see Elder Ah Ching come to the neighboring
district.  He is the asian looking guy in the picture with me Elder
Vest in the car on our way to service.  Thought i wouldnt see that
fool again but lo and behold he is in Biloxi haha.
We got fed almost every day this week which was awesome and that was
nice getting to talk and get closer to members of the ward.  There are
some cool people down here and everywhere we go now someone stops us
and talks to us because they always see us in town.  So benefits of
taking the long way to get somewhere if it means taking the most
populated way if that makes sense.
Other than Makala we are struggling finding some good solid
investigators.  We ran into a couple who study theology and are
interested in gaining knowledge about our religion but I do not know
about conversion so we will see next time we see them.  And our other
investigators we just could not get in contact with this week which is
kind of frustrating but it also was Spring Break this week down here
in Ocean Springs.
But we worked hard and this coming week will be much busier because we
are getting more training for the Family History class and we are
teaching the class and then we also have a baptism and a bunch of
service and so thats good (:  But i hope y'all have a great week and I
look forward to hearing back.  Love ya!
Elder Crouch

Krispy Kreme Burgers 

Some funny pictures of Elder Schliep

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