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April 25, 2016

Ma'kala got Baptized!!!

Hey Y'all,
As you may be able to tell from the title of the Email, this week was
a good one because the investigator we have been working with, Ma'kala
Mims got baptized on friday and it was an awesome program.  She became
interested in the church after a friend of hers who is a priest
started talking to her about church and he was with her at every
lesson and he got to perform the baptism and so that is an awesome
experience that neither of them will forget.  And it helped that there
was a lot of people at the baptism so that she felt as if she is a
part of a new family that will be there for her whenever she struggles
and whenever she feels like she needs someone to talk to! Elder
Schliep on Sunday performed the confirmation and as of Sunday, she
became the newest member of the Ocean Springs Ward!

That for sure was the highlight of the week but a few other cool
things happened throughout the week as well!

On Tuesday we got together with most of the missionaries in the Zone
to perform a big service project at a convention center where we
loaded up a bunch of pallets of food that was being donated to Feed
the Gulf Coast and that took a few hours and we got to see a lot of
things get donated for a good cause.    We also met with a Senior
Missionary couple from the neighboring mission on Friday to talk about
how to teach a family history class and how to work
and we got some good training so that we were prepared for our class
the next day at the library which was a big success. We really
advertised the class and it was even in the newspaper and 10 people
showed up for one on one training on how to get their tree started on
family search.  It is awesome seeing people have an interest in their
past and the stories that you can hear about people who lived on this
earth.  We got everyones contact information and will try to do one on
one sessions throughout the month and then even see if they are
interested in the lessons and that could be a great way to get
We also went to see one of the sight seeing attractions in ocean
springs which is a tree that is over five hundred years old and so you
will see a picture of how big it is!
But one thing that really hit me in my studies this week was reading
Helaman chapter 5 and how the spirit can pierce your heart.  I think
throughout my life people always said they felt the spirit and I just
went along with it but this was the first time that i truly felt the
spirit I think and it was an awesome experience.  I wanted it to last
forever.  Chapter five was just a powerhouse and i read it over and
over that day.  It talks alot about listening to the words of their
fathers which i am grateful i have done in my life as well.  But it
would be awesome if you guys read that chapter as well.  But I hope
you all have a great week and cant wait to hear back from y'all.
With Love
Elder Crouch

Hey Mama,
So first off, the highlight of the week was Ma'kala did get
baptized!!! It was an awesome program ran by mostly the youth of the
ward since she is just sixteen almost seventeen and then her brother
came and he said that this church seems really cool and so he is
interested in the church as well and maybe he will start taking the
lessons.  Ma'kala really wants her brother to join so that she can
start having her family come with her.  Her friend who is a priest in
the ward named Trystaun baptized her which must have been awesome for
him and then Elder Schliep did the confirmation yesterday. Its is
always cools seeing someone make the full conversion and that is what
we like to see as missionaries.
The week was really focused on getting Makala ready for her big day
but we did do a lot of family history work this week.  Like these two
missionaries from the neighboring mission came over and trained me and
Elder Schliep for three hours on and I thought that
we had made some good progress on our tree but just in that time I got
five more names ready for the temple so check that out and see if you
can reserve them.  We did teach the family history class at the
library.  We had advertised it at all the libraries and in the
newspaper and so we had a really good turnout and the Prices (the
missionary couple) did a presentation and then we helped people one on
one so that they could get their tree started. A lot of old people
basically but they have some funny stories.
We got fed pretty well this week and we got lucky with some decent
weather as well.  Emma looks way different with the braces off and the
black hair.  It will take me a little while to get used to it but it
seems like you guys had a pretty cool week too.  I am hoping that we
can start teaching Ma'kalas family some more as well so we can get
some follow up baptisms and see what happens but that is all up to the
Lord haha.  But I cant wait to hear back and hope that you guys have
an awesome week.  Love ya
Elder Crouch

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