Monday, June 6, 2016

May 9, 2016

Hey Mama,
This week was a good week and it ended with a good highlight with
getting to Skype with ya! It definitely made me think of home a lot
but also it was something that motivates me to make it to the next
Skype call out there on Christmas and that will be past my one year
mark. It sounds like you had a crazy experience at work with the guy
that caused the chaos on the freeway.  This week we tried to find as
many new people as we possibly could so that we could have some new
people to teach.  Didn't work out too well.  Like we found this one
guy and he asked if we could do some service for him the next day and
so we agreed.  We showed up to his house the next day and we start
helping us and then he is like "So you guys seem like good kids and so
just a heads up, the girl who is with me is my girlfriend of three
years who I love dearly, and the mistake of a wife that I am married
to is on her way home so it would be best if we just all left the
area" and so we scattered and then we haven't talked to him since.
Then we also taught a couple who know so much dang stuff about
different religions and they seem so intellectual and use really big
words to make me feel pretty dumb but oh well, I will have to improve
my diction anyways so being around them more will definitely help me
out.We also have doing service with Arty and pressure washing his
house and stuff like that while they do yard work and what not and so
that has been pretty fun.  And we have a big service project coming up
this saturday and so our hours of service should be getting way up
there that is for sure.  But that has really been all that we have
done.  It is kind of a boring repetitive life as a missionary so it
wont be that much different stuff each week.  But we are working hard
as you may have been able to tell based off of how tired I may have
looked haha.  It will be nice to have a change this transfer coming
up.  But it was so glad talking and I hope that we will be able to
chat a little bit.  If there is anything you need let me know and I
hope y'all have a great week.  Love ya!
-Elder Crouch

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