Monday, June 6, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hey Mama, 
Sounds like you are having a really fun time just working your butt off each week.  My week was pretty lame to be honest.  We just worked our tails off and did not see much success.  People were pretty rude actually so they can just deny blessings all they want.  But we did get our transfer calls and I am staying and Elder Schliep is leaving and I meet my new companion tomorrow afternoon and I have no Idea who it will be so you will find out next monday (: haha.  It is starting to get really hot and humid and it sucks but I am doing fine.  Just drinking lots of water and people are usually nice enough to give us a bottle while we are out tracting and what not.  I did get to go on exchanges this week with the Zone leaders out in Gulfport and when I was with Elder Jensen, we went to the mutual for his ward and we taught the youth how to play volleyball and that was really fun.  It was nice to play again indoors with someone else who could play as well.  I am hoping I dont get a deb of a companion and with Elder Schliep leaving, there may be a chance that I get thrown into some leadership position.  Who knows. Like i said, I will find out tomorrow.   But I will keep this short so we can chat a bit and so I can email some more people.  Love ya and cant wait to hear back.
Elder Crouch

So we ate at the best BBQ place I have ever had (The Shed).  It has been on DDD and other food network shows and stuff like that and so they had a cool truck so why not sneak a pic.  And then this is the Ocean Springs District!

Hey Padre,
Not much happened for me this week but it sounds like you had a pretty exciting one being the Doctor Dad and then getting showed up by Bishop.  He definitely is a goofball.  I got the transfer call and I am staying in Ocean Springs another 6 Weeks but Elder Schliep is leaving.  I get my new companion and all that stuff tomorrow so it is still a mystery to us what will go down.  We had a really slow week teaching too.  We saw a lot of hostility and also Elder Schliep wasnt feeling good one day and we were gone another day and then Schliep wasnt motivated and it hindered the work as well and so it was just a slow week.  So I am glad that it is Monday and that there is some change going on as of tomorrow.  And I am sorry that things are annoying with work as well.  It would not be fun being on call all week at Montclair but you dont have much of that left. You excited to get ready for the move.  With the people paying for the move how much do you have to prepare for it?? And i will keep this short so we can chat a bit and so I can reply to a few more people but I love ya and hope you have a good day.
-Elder Crouch

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