Monday, June 6, 2016

May 2, 2016

"May the Spirit be with you"

May is like my favorite month in the year, good weather, my birthday
month, when father and sons camp outs usually are, the priesthood was
restored in the month of may, mothers day....  It is just a good month
and so it will be a month I try to really make myself the missionary I
should be.
We tried hard to see or attempt to see all of the potential and former
investigators from all the old records so we could start weeding out
old papers and then build our teaching pool.  We have some interesting
experiences from doing so.  We are now teaching a lady on house arrest
and so at least we never have the worry of if she will be home haha.
And we are now teaching a guy who stopped us on the road and just
wants a change in his life and so things like that are always nice to
see and it makes me more motivated to find people.
We did some service at the bishops storehouse and its also cool to see
people receive the benefits of fast offerings and seeing that the
church puts that money to good use to help out the members of the
stakes in your area. We also have been trying to work with members and
when you do that you see the work increase as well.  Gordon B Hinkley
said that the best way to accomplish missionary work is by members and
so Elder Schliep and I will be seeing a lot of members and trying to
get referals soon.
With mothers day coming up, us as missionaries are getting excited to
talk to our families and it just makes me grateful for the knowledge
of eternal families that has been revealed to us through D&C 131.
Just take that knowledge and really cherish it because its so nice to
know that families are eternal and I love my family.
I hope y'all have a great week and a fantabulous mothers day.  cant
wait to hear back from you guys as well.
With Love
Elder Crouch

Hey Mama, I am glad that you got the picture and audio message.  It
was kind of random and on the spot but as long as you liked it that is
good.  I just got the news of Alan serving his mission in July in
Texas.  That will be so awesome for him!!! And that is a sweet project
that ava did on me.  It means a lot.  This week really was just basic
missionary work.  Trying to see as many people as we can and it just
didn't bring too much success.  We did have a ward fish fry on
saturday and that was fun and we got some good food there.  And we
made plans for what house we will do our skype call from.  It will be
the Cardon family so i know you and how you find people on facebook,
and i know she is on there so you can get the details from her.  Her
first name is Hillary and would gladly talk to you haha. We did some
service at the library and at the bishops storehouse and that was
always fun.  the lady i was helping was pushing her cart and then out
of no where just fell and fainted.  Apparently her blood sugar dropped
and her husband was like "yeahh....that just happens all the time".
It scared the crap out of me. And today we are going to play soccer in
Gulfport with a ton of missionaries which will be a blast.  My week
was pretty boring haha so sorry it isnt as long as an email but we can
chat back and forth (:
Love Ya
Elder Crouch

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