Monday, February 8, 2016

February 1, 2016

Hey Mama,
This week has been alright.  Just one of those where not too much exciting stuff happened but it wasn't boring.  Me and Elder Vest taught a lot of lessons to keep us busy and its made a difference.  Makes me not focus on the things that were rough on me earlier but its hard not to think about home.  I heard two things this week from missionaries that are spot on.  No matter how hard you try, every missionary will miss home at least once a day or think about it.  And second, the mission makes days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days and that's how its all going.  In the moment the days suck but Sunday is my 4 month mark and that's pretty crazy.  I just gotta make it to my 6 month and I'll be a sophomore in the mission field haha.  This week we taught 16 lessons to investigators, 13 of those were with new people so it was a week of a lot of lessons but no solid people as of yet.  We did have Jim text us one day who has been a guy I have taught for a long time and he said that he read the intro to the book of Mormon and all the testimonies and witnesses in the beginning, and prayed about it and feels like its all true which is a big step.  Now we just gotta get him in church and then in some white clothes.  Saturday is Meghanns birthday fyi so maybe shoot her a birthday text or something like that and that would mean a lot to her.  But anywho, back on tract haha, we will teach him some more tomorrow.  We didn't get to teach Jaleal again but he only stayed for Sacrament meeting which was a bummer but its starting somewhere.  But those are the highlights for the week.  This week should be a usual work week.  Nothing too special.  But today we are going to the Jackson Zoo for our Pday activity which should be pretty cool.  Kind of a nice change from the usual "lets email shop play basketball and go teach" routine.  Sucks that Kirk is in a lot pain from his recovery.  Hopefully its a speedy recovery and hopefully your work dies down or at least gets easier so you aren't drained.  I feel ya on being drained though.  A bike area wrecks you.  I have been super tired lately and its hard to wake up on time hahah.  I am looking forward to getting a new area so that I can be in a car.  Just hopefully its a full car area haha.  But that wont even possibly happen until like the 23rd of this month.  But hows everything going.  Anything fun planned this week?  How you handling Allison with a new bf? That must be pretty interesting.  But cant wait to hear back.  Love ya
Elder Crouch

Elder Hainsworth bought a jumpsuit, Elder Vest being himself

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