Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Hey Mom,
Hope all is going well for you today.  This week was a pretty okay
week. For My Mission call, I thought it was in the front page of my
packet or I put it in my crate with all my school awards and what not.
Work was rough some days because one day it dumped so much rain and we
were stranded in another city with some elders because their tire got
wrecked and it bent the rim.  I was the only one in the car who could
put on a spare.  Kind of sad but it was true.  So in the pouring rain
I threw on a spare on a car that wasn't even mine one.  The
zoo was alright.  It was only four dollars and I got what I paid for.
Nothing too special but there was a tiger and a giraffe.  Mainly we
saw a lot of monkeys.  Its not that great of a zoo but it was nice to
break the routine of basketball every or whatever we do.
we had a good day working and getting lessons and then
Elder Vest woke up so dang sick.  Like throat killing him
and he couldn't talk and what not so I gave him a blessing with the
help of the Young Mens President and we just slept that day hoping he
would get better.  We have done a lot of service this week at a food
bank.  Just a huge warehouse that ships food to needy people
throughout Mississippi which has been pretty cool.  Did 2 days there
for 8 hours of Service.  Im glad that you were able to text Meghann
and wish her a happy birthday.  Tell me how your little treat goes.
Yesterday in church I got asked to speak for so I will be
speaking on Valentines day on Being Perfected in Christ.  Should be an
interesting topic.  But the Bradburns was awesome.  They invited
us....well like Elder Vest invited ourselves over and they fed us last
night and they had a bon fire and a trampoline and a German Shepherd
that for some reason hated all the other people there but was cuddling
with me.  It was pretty cute.  I did "watch" the superbowl which was
awesome for me.  Bummer that the Broncos won but it was a good game
haha.  That's cool that emmas the mia maids president.  Should be good
for her to grow.  She hasn't emailed me in forever that slacker.  But
anywho that's really all I did this week. we struggled getting good
lessons but we met a lot of weird people that describe Jackson
Mississippi perfectly haha.  But I hope you all have a great week and
I will try to do the same.  Love Ya Tons.
Elder Crouch

A bunch of pictures from the zoo 

A funny truck I saw 

The Bradburns dog

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