Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hey Mom,
These past few days and week have been a roller coaster of emotions.
I feel like I am the guy who has to be strong all the time so I have
been so embarrassed showing my emotions and telling people about what
has been going on.  I am excited to be transferred however.  It should
be a good change.  The area I am going to is starting a program where
we would teach a genealogy class at the library which is a first for
anywhere in the mission. So Ocean Springs here I come. I will be with
Elder Schleip (pronounced Shleep) and I will find my address out
tomorrow for you guys.  Hopefully all of this brings us good change.
I talked to president today before coming to the library.  He came
over and talked to me about all of this situation.  He said he was
going to call you sometime soon so be expecting that.  He also gave me
a blessing and in that also asked for a blessing on you guys and
Meghann which meant a lot to me.  I feel so bad with people looking up
to me and me having sad thoughts.  Hopefully my mentality will change.
I am already all packed and its just weird to think that I will be at
the beach tomorrow haha.   Should be an adventure.  I am in a
disctrict of four now. Two sisters and me and Schleip.  I at least
think that's how you spell his name.  I will know 100% tomorrow.  It
is going to be a long drive there too.  I just want to apologize for
maybe causing some more gray hairs to pop up.  I don't like being a
burden or making people worry too much about me.  If I could I would
just try and handle everything but no one is ever capable of such a
thing.  Life is a crazy thing but I want to be in life so badly some
times.  Being a family man and what not.  Its just what sounds good.
But hopefully there will be some experiences that really are good at
the coast.  I hope you can chat a bit.  Maybe more things will pop
into my head as we do.  I am kind of just rambling right now.  But I
love you guys and hope to hear from you soon.
Elder Crouch

Hey Dad
Just before coming to the Library, President Olsen came to my
apartment to talk and it is like you two said the same thing.  Its all
on me.  These things are my decision but the Lord knows what I need to
do.  I just have so many emotions I just feel like things are going
hay wire sometimes.  I want to be the confident missionary that I know
I can be.  I just have to work on it.  I got knocked down hard and I
guess metaphorically I am catching my breathe to recover and be back
to where I need to be.  Due to this situation, I was not able to get
as many lessons done as I would have liked and I felt so bad because I
was hindering the work.  I felt like "man this is all my fault".  I
have had a lot of things happen where I just ask why which like you
said is normal but I hate those feelings with a burning passion.
But I know where I am going.  I am going to Ocean Springs Mississippi
with Elder Schleip.  He seems like a good kid.  I only thought it
would be appropriate to give him a heads up on the situation so when
President was over I had him call elder Schleip and from what I heard
on the telephone I think I will like him enough to live with the kid.
There are big things going on there is what President Said so
hopefully we have success together as a companionship.  That's what I
need right now.  Success.
Have things gotten any clearer with the job situation.  How did the
interview go.
I said this to mom as well but feel as if I should say this to you but
I am sorry for causing more stress and putting more things on your
plate to worry about.  I know that plate is already the size of a Las
Vegas buffet and it didn't need another chicken wing but I threw a
bucket on.  But thank you for being there for me as well. Its nice to
have a great family.
I love you guys so much
Elder Crouch

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