Monday, February 8, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hey Mom,
It sounds like you have had a fun week and also a busy one with taking care of the dogs and also the wedding and all of that.  Sounds like you had some good food along with it as well.  We have had a pretty crazy week as well.  Not as productive as last week and it was due to the weather.  On Thursday it was like a hurricane.  We were told to be inside due to tornado warnings and also just the fact that we were the bike elders In that sucky of weather.  The next day the temperature just dropped and we were tracting in the snow.  It was so dang cold and made me appreciate living in California hahah.  The weather here is so bipolar I don't get it.  Like by next week it will be back in the 70s apparently.  But that all made work hard and cold and a little miserable at times. We did have a really good Wednesday though.  We watched a world wide missionary broadcast led by some of the apostles teaching us and demonstrating teaching tactics.  It was pretty cool.  And then while the rest of the district went out for lunch we went to some appointments and had the most lessons taught in a day then I have ever had.  We had 6 lessons.  And one of the guys we taught, Jaleal, went to church.  He liked it but we barely know him so don't know what his true thoughts were.  We will teach him some more on Wednesday.  Today should be a relaxing and chill p day.  Nothing too special planned.  Just kind of hanging out.  We were going to go to a members house and hang out with all the missionaries in the area but that just got canceled so who knows.  I am ready for it to be like my year mark already.  Its getting really long and dragging lately.  And it sucks missing so many people and just wanting to be with them.  I have some moments where I just want to go home to be honest.  Just live a life and do good for my future but I'm torn.  I just have roller coaster emotions out here.  I feel like a hormonal pregnant lady because some days are good and some days just make me want to hop on a plane and be right back in my life in California.  So I might talk to President and see if there are ways to help me cope with it or what his opinion is for me.  But its stuff I don't like talking about to others so it may just suck.  But enough of the debby downer stuff.  Any fun plans for this week.  I don't have too much planned down here.  Just back to the normal grind finding people to teach.  I hope it works out.  I also hope y'all have an awesome week and I cant wait to hear back.
Elder Crouch

Elder Vest and Morgan and my reactions to him

Dinner with the Alhalteh Family

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