Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 16, 2016

Hey Mom,
This week was pretty good. We had a zone conference on Wednesday were
a lot of the standards of excellence were changed. We no longer have
set goals for tracting and lessons taught. They want us to focus on
people and not numbers which i think will eventually really change the
mission. We are doing a lot of service still and it makes it good to
get out there in the world and get out of the sometimes boring
missionary routine. Today we went and filled up food boxes for the Elderly.

The Alhaltehs have made the week pretty awesome
by feeding us and just being real people to us. And then the good
food is always an added bonus. Thanks for the package as well. It
was pretty unexpected but nice to get at the same time. It sucks that
you have been so busy with work but at the same time it is good that
you can get the hours you want to get the money you need. This week
is week six of this transfer already so on saturday night i find out
if i am leaving jackson or staying another 7 weeks. This next
transfer will be one week longer than usual which might suck but i
cant complain too much. I have been just kind of done with this small
area so i am hoping that i do get transfered. It would be nice to
experience some change. To put it in perspective i have biked the
same main road every day for 4 months and it gets old doing the same
thing all day every day with no fun change in the routine. And we
have been working on member relations with everyone to try and get
some more meal appointments and just lessons with active members and
its been working and i have been getting fed pretty well now. I am
hoping that you guys are having good times at home. I am just
cruising along trying to make time fly by as fast as possible. Six
months should be just around the corner. And then before you know it
ill be skyping on mothers day and ill be 19... crazy to think that.

I am just looking forward to my life that i have in store for me also.
 Like being a husband and father is something that president focuses a lot on
the plan of a missionary when they get ready to go home and thats stuff that
excites me a lot. And i have also been thinking a lot about a proffesion and
i am maybe leaning towards the real estate buisiness.

We are struggling finding new investigators so hopefully that will
change this week. But we cant really control the quality of our
investigators too much until they put in some effort as well. But
other than that we havent had too eventful of a week. Instead of
playing basketball yesterday we went bowling as a district which was
pretty cool. I got a 149 which i was pretty proud of haha. But that
was my highlight for sure. Any cool stuff planned for you guys in the
future. Hope to hear back soon.
Love ya
Elder Crouch

Hey Dad,
Texas huh? Thats a big change.  I want to stay updated but it just
sucks knowing that the family is going to move.  Like if things stay
good with me and Meghann or wanting to see friends I already have on
the west coast.  Thats just going to be a big change.  And it will be
weird too because some of my area of the mission covers texas so it
will be like "Man they are just so close now" if that makes sense.
Yeah i emailed brenden wishing him a happy birthday.  Emailed Jason
too but didnt know it was his birthday either but oh well.  Yeah i
know i could work on my yo yo skills.  Its just something i must
perfect while i am out here in the field.  Other than texas, are there
any other spots that are looking for you?  And what happened to the
offer of working as the program director of the sports medicine in
chino?  That fall through?  But anywho this week has been alright.
There has been a lot of changes in the mission as far as goals or
standards of excellence.  They are trying to get us to focus more on
the people and not on hitting goals of numbers like hours of tracting
or lessons taught in a week. By doing this our numbers of lessons will
go down for sure but the goal is getting the baptism number to
skyrocket.  Hopefully it will happen.  This mission has never gotten
more than 300 in a year.  Its the second lowest baptizing mission in
the USA next to Baton Rouge.  But we have just been trying to focus on
the few investigators that we have that are considered to be
progressing.  If we do that than maybe we will see some more success.
My talk went good by the way.  Killed it. talked on being perfected in
christ which i just focused on the gospel of jesus christ which is a
missionary discussion we teach a lot (Faith, repentance, baptism, holy
ghost, and enduring to the end).  People said it was a good talk but
members always say that to others so who knows haha.  But other than
that we went bowling yesterday for our p day.  Was pretty fun.  I won
the second game out of everyone getting a 149.  Not to shabby i
thought.  Had like 5 strikes and a few spares.  But hope your week
goes good.  I will be on for a bit if you are able to chat.  Look
forward to hearing from ya.
Elder Crouch

Missionaries at McDonalds with the Alhateh Family

The service Crew

Valentine's Day Dinner with the Alhalteh Family

Goofing off at the Bradburns with the Alhaltehs

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