Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 19, 2016

Hi Mom

Its crazy to hear how busy you got.  The new companion is just fine.
He is spunky and a little fire ball.  We killed it here in Jackson and
got a lot of lessons and hope to do the same here again this week.
That's so weird that first Allison got her license and that dad is 40.
And that sucks also that the Van needs to be fixed.  I got scared I
wouldn't be able to email today either because the internet in the
state has been down but they kicked everyone off right before we got
there and when we arrived to the library the internet went up and we
have the place to ourselves hahaa.  The 4 runners pump is pretty
tricky to turn.  I struggled sometimes in the early mornings so it
doesn't surprise me that it is a little rough for her as well.

So Elder Vest is from Taylorsville Utah which is right by Brad and
Aimee.  He is 15 months into his mission and wrestled and pole vaulted
in High school.  I have some pics to send in a bit that will describe
him perfectly.  As for volleyball, at transfer point there was a kid
there who played setter in Arizona and we were messing around and when
I am around good players actually playing a game I am still really
good but messing around I sometimes embarrass myself but oh well.  And
dang sucks that they are going to miss the best kid for Jury duty.  Im
out doing my other duty haha and thanks for taking care of the taxes.
I should get a full return.   And Im at church at usually 830 for ward
council meetings.  Sacraments at 10 and I am home by 2.  Theres only
one ward even near here and that's where I serve.  And yeah elder
crisp sent me or added me in his weekly group email so he is doing
good.  Has a companion who is a professional dancer (like hip hop and
pop dancing) and he is originally from the Congo in Africa.

DD is doing alright.  Lifes just rough for her.  Not the best life situation. But
we see her frequently.  If she had transportation and if we had
members near by it would be so much easier but its tough getting her
rides and fellowshippers. She lives right by us and the church is 6 miles away. For some of the
members its more like 15 miles away.  IF you were to drive from one
side of the ward boundary to another it would take you an hour. 

That's cool about dad getting to perform a blessing as well in the
hospital to the family.  Glad the church is worldwide so we can
perform things like that.  We had a broadcast stake conference this
sunday where L Whitney Clayton, Elder Rasband, and Robert D Hales
spoke to 155 stakes over satellite and that made church interesting
but boring at the same time.  They were some pretty dry talks to be
honest.    Yesterday we got to play a lot of sports since we couldn't
email so I was playing basketball and volleyball for maybe 4 hours and
then got to work.  I think me and Elder Vest are going to shatter some
of the numbers that we can report (Other lessons, people in church)
stuff like that.
Do y'all have anything cool planned this week.  This week for us will
be pretty lame.  Just hitting the streets hard trying to teach some
fools haha.  I hope we will be able to chat.  I will be on here for a
few hours so we can talk for a while.  I love ya and hope to hear back
Elder Crouch

 Hey Padre,
Its good to know you had some fun and also did some good on your
birthday.  Its really cool that you got to perform that blessing as
well.  I have done one blessing out here on my mission for a sister
missionary with migraines.  I think I did good but who knows ahah.  It
can be a stressful thing.  This week for me and Elder Vest was pretty
successful.  We put up some of the best numbers the area has seen and
plan on continuing to wreck it down here.  His approach is every
person you see no matter how awkward the situation may be is a lesson.
Heck, we had a lesson and landed a Book of Mormon in the library right
before hopping on the computers haha.  And Emma as a class president
huh.  That should be an interesting one.  She is a little fireball and
likes to do things her own way haha.  I am glad that the patriots are
still in it to win it.  I hear the Panthers are looking tough.  A
member is thinking about having us over for a late dinner on February
7th with the television just so happen to be playing the superbowl
which would be awesome.  He had us over for the national championship
game and I got to see the first quarter haha.  Good stuff right there.
I was scared I wouldn't be able to email today at all either.  The
library had a sign that the internet was down but right when we got in
it got back up and we have the place to ourselves.  It was just the
lords plan to have us converse with family haha.  But as for next week
we should be having a normal missionary week.  Just lessons eating and
sleeping.  Nothing too special.  But who knows.  Maybe I will meet
some crazy fools.  And the volleyball game last week went well.  I got
kids asking if I could hit it softer or if they could be on my team or
for me to just sit down.  Little babies haha.  ON my team there was a
kid who played setter on a club team in Arizona and we tore it up.  SO
it was a good time.  ANy fun plans for this week for you guys.  I hope
you have a great day and can chat a bit.  I will be on here a little
while longer.  Love ya and have a good week.
Elder Crouch

Me and some kids in Jackson

My planner cover

Me setting sights with my sling shot

My new companion Elder Vest

Elder Vest and Elder Henrickson

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