Sunday, January 3, 2016

November 9, 2015

Hey mama
This week has been a rough one.  My shoes did dry out eventually but then we got hit with rain again.  The inside of them got wrecked.  They are rough on the inside but I will be fine for a bit.  Being in an all bike and all walking area shoes get blasted through quick.  You should see Elder Crisps first pair.  But for now I am good on shoes. Its starting to get cold here as well and my Jacket is doing good but Itd be nice to have some variety so maybe like a sweater type thingamajig and also I was really bummed when I saw that all the Missionaries down here have rocking socks like crazy patterns so if you see some outrageous socks that scream our name hook me up.  We got fed three times this week and are scheduled for two this week.  One or two is the average and three or more is a really good week.  We have a scheduled dinner for Thanksgiving which will be nice.  I had some funny things happen.  So on Monday when we went shopping some guy asked us if we could be filmed for his documentary on the cross.  We said we couldn't but we talked for a long time and he would not shut up about how special the cross was to him.  In my mind I was like "If my mom or dad got killed with an axe, I wouldn't be wearing an axe pin or have a axe tattoo on my arm" but he gave us some wooden crosses and then he took a picture with us for this random Christian facebook page and then we asked to pray with him to count it as a lesson and during the prayer he would be like YES JESUS or THANK YOU JESUS while Elder Crisp was praying.  I was trying sooooo hard not to laugh.  Then later in the week I found a dead snake and our friend who is a senior in High School named Morgan who comes out with us almost every day is petrified of them so I picked it up with a stick and chased him with it and he freaked out and then he ran away and so I chucked it like a lacrosse ball and it flew right past his face.  I got within inches of hitting him and he totally flipped.  Then later that day one of our investigators named steven saw us in his car and he stopped and handed us HIS FREAKING MIX TAPE!!! I was so pumped and it was so funny seeing him be all religious and then him be a part time rapper.  He then said "Call me and we will talk more and have a lesson". hahaha.  Cross that off the bucket list.  We got kicked out of an apartment complex while tracting.  The only way we got in was by waiting for a car to go through the gate and we had to hop the fence to get out because some old lady said she was calling security on us.  That was a pretty good experience.  Teaching this week was pretty slow but better than last week.  I hope that the weeks to come get better and better.  We have a mission goal of 100 Baptisms for the month of November (One per companionship) so hopefully that works out.  Other than that I had a normal week.  Nothing too special. I hope all is going well for you. I love and miss yall but am working hard.  Hope to hear back soon.
Elder Crouch

So elder crisp got six pounds of taffey in a package and so we got bored and made a spongebob out of all the colors.  We saw a Camaro with huuuuuuuuuge rims.  Like too big to fathom. And I messed with a skeleton on Halloween and made him seduce his trick or treaters.

my reaction to getting the mix tape

Bought matching sweaters at Ross to be twins

Monday night dinner with Morgan and the Alhalteh Family

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