Sunday, January 3, 2016

November 2, 2015

Hey mama
This week was a good one but the missionary work and weather sucked.  We got rained on all week and my shoes feel like a swamp and because its humid they don't really dry out so hopefully they dry out fast because I don't want my brown ones getting wet as well.  The trunk or treat was a blast and the Knolls made all the missionaries Power ranger shirts and we matched their kids.  They are an awesome family.  He sounds exactly like Bryan but they look differently.  Their kids are a blast and they love me and Elder Crisp.  It was weird having my first Halloween away from everyone.  We had to be in by 6 PM or at a families house so this lady in our ward threw a Missionary Halloween Party for us 11 missionaries in the Madison ward and we played games and ate dinner and treats and they hooked it up with our trick or treat which was more like groceries which will help us out in the long run.  They were really nice to throw that party.  They quite literally live in a barn which was awesome.  Like the bottom floor of their house is stables and the upper floor is a house.  #Redneckgoals but they aren't rednecks they just have a lot of property and animals.  But like I said the weather has sucked.  Walking in the rain is better than biking in the rain so we walked a lot and my Jacket kept me dry for quite a while but there comes a point where you just become soaked by like the water rolling down my neck into my back and stuff like that.  It was pretty miserable but oh well.  They say that every water drop that hits your name tag your wife gets hotter and hotter so ya know ill be set.  Interesting thing of this week: Last P day I bought some hair clippers and a neck trimmer and I gave myself a haircut.  It turned out pretty good actually until I knicked one spot blending the sides so it will look good in about 4 days haha,  It could have been waaaaay worst but If I get good at it, it will save some money.  We have a Canes and Krispy Kreme right next to each other and they are walking distance away from my pad so HA SUCK IT.  It was so good getting a box combo and then a custard filled and glazed donut on Friday.  We have been teaching this Less Active guy named George and trying to get him out to church.  He wants to come but doesn't have much motivation.  He has been our main focus because one of our best investigators is moving to Michigan on Thursday and the other one is out of town on business for work.  So we barely got any lessons this past week but next week will be better.
 That's all I really have.  Feel free to email back right now because there is no rule against chatting in this mission. 
Love You
Elder Crouch

Me when I was really happy to get the cookies that you sent mom and me and elder crisp as Power Rangers twinning with the Knoll kids. 

So the first one is Elder Hainsworth who is an Assistant to the President making a face I could not help but capturing.  And the other two are of my haircut.

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