Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 4, 2016

Hey Hey
These past two weeks have been pretty good.  It was good seeing
everyone and thanks for the pictures of everything.  Sandy is HUGE
now.  And I like the missionary plaque.  But anyways the baptism was a
success.  We were worried since it was the day after Christmas that
there wouldn't be a good turn out but it was all good.  We had
refreshments after and she was smiling from ear to ear.  DD is a
trooper.  She hasn't told her family and don't know when she will but
it should be interesting when she does.  I did the confirmation the
next day and I was super nervous and had a shaky voice but people said
I did good and so that's what counts right? haha. Throughout the
Christmas week, we tried to do as much service as possible so we did
surprise yard raking and what not and then me and Elder Crisp put up
Christmas lights for our investigator named Jim.  He is large and on
disability so he was super grateful for us willing to get up on the
roof and do some work for him.  Christmas day we just hung out and did
board games and all that fun stuff until 6 and tried to teach lessons
but its hard when people are either gone or really busy with distant
family.  New years eve was pretty fun as well.  A member threw a party
for all the missionaries in the ward and we had a waffle dinner and
played board games and then shot some fireworks off in front of their
property which was nice.  It made it feel like a real holiday.  Some
members took us out the day before Christmas eve and they made it feel
like the Christmas season as well and It makes me grateful for members
because without them, these past two weeks probably would have really
sucked.  The Christmas eve missionary party was a success as well.  I
got the monkey bread you had them make for me and at the white
elephant party, everyone got a shirt or jacket or blanket or hat from
the colleges around here so I got an Ole Miss t-shirt so it wasn't to
bad of a grab.  Im super excited for this week because two
missionaries went home a few days early for school and so for the rest
of this transfer, me and Elder Crisp get their car!!! Driving from
appointment to appointment is so nice haha.  Im a little nervous for
transfers because there is a rumor our area might get shut down
because its so small and there are too many missionaries in our ward.
So this Saturday should be interesting getting the call.  I know for
sure Elder Crisp is gone but it would suck if I left as well.  But
whatever happens I gotta roll with it.  But I hope you all have a
rocking week.  I will look forward to talking more next week.
Elder Crouch

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Day at the Bradburns 

The cool things we saw when a member took us out the day before Christmas eve

Christmas Eve Party 

Me and my new Santa Hat 

DD's Baptism

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