Thursday, January 21, 2016

December 21, 2015

Hey Hey
This week should be awesome! Super excited to see all of yall and I am
really pumped because more than likely we will have our first baptism
on this Saturday, the 26th with our investigator named DD.  She is 19
and has a son and is super willing to get converted and start her new
life as a Mormon haha.  She has come to our Christmas party and came
to church this week as well and was like "So is this where you are
baptizing me" and so she is super ready and preparing herself so I am
pumped on that.  We are having a big get together Christmas morning.
6 other missionaries are coming over to open presents and it should be
awesome.  I will be on the lookout for your packages today.  I had a
pretty usual week however.  We didn't teach a whole lot of lessons but
all the lessons we did have were really meaningful and got somewhere.
I tracted a lot and we got kicked out of a complex because apparently
we were trespassing.  Who knew that's what the gate up front really
means hahaha.  But we are doing good down here and are super pumped to
get to see our families.  Its a good week to be a missionary.  I have
had some rough times emotionally though.  Freaking Morgan played the
song "Two years" and it made me cry.  But I got over it haha.  That song wrecks
you though.  Time is going slow this past week because like we got zero lessons
 it seemed like but we will be so busy this week it will fly by.  I feel like it
varies every week. One week fast one week slow. Its so weird.  And
yeah we have gotten along well. You learn a lot every day down here and
its making me excited to progress but time is going by slow lately.  But this week
should be a blast. Bummer of the week is president telling me that Elder Crisp isdefinitely getting transferred beginning of January and so I only have
a few weeks left with him.  Makes me wonder what will happen to me. Hopefully my
companion next isn't super weird and drives me crazy.  But most likely I will stay in the
spot I am in for another 3 months is my guess but you can never know
when it comes to transfers.  
But anyways I hope you have a great couple of days and I will see all
of y'all Friday morning!
Love you lots
Elder Crouch

Our Christmas Set up 

A Map showing how small our area is

Us Tracting 

Mississippi Landscape

Me stuck in one of the roads of Mississippi

Us and our investigator DD

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