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December 14, 2015

Hola Everyone!
This week has been very interesting.  I have met some of the weirdest
people of my life. On teusday, since we knew we would be driving to
Hattiesburg the next day and to save some miles from picking us up, we
went to double work the Canton Elders area all of Tuesday and we met
some cool people in that area and had some good lessons to help them
out but the interesting part is what happened that night.  We went to
a Pentecostal bible study and holy crap those people are ridiculous.
We got there half an hour early and apparently that was the prayer
hour and so people were praying on their knees or laying on the floor
straight screaming and clapping and speaking in tongues and saying
so confused and I was trying so hard not to laugh.  Then the preacher
came in to give his sermon or whatever and he was screaming and saying
how being reverent is a disgrace to god and how we need to scream
praise the lord and that stuff while we are in church and he would
randomly speak in tongues.  Then at the end he called some lady to the
front, got some oil, and gave her the holy ghost and the lady started
shaking and had convulsions and was screaming and shouting and
everyone was screaming in tongues and so the Nigerian elder, Elder
Clement, started screaming in Nigerian and so everyone thought he was
going crazy too which was so dang funny haha.  But that was an
experience I will never ever forget.  Then the rest of the week was so
dang slow when it came to teaching.  We hardly had any lessons.  But
the zone conference with Elder Kapischke was really cool.  He
basically had an open discussion and me and Elder Crisp were in the
front row.  He also came to our stake conference and so we heard from
a general authority three times this week.  Another crazy person we
met this week was named Sprite.  He asked us if we could listen to his
message and we said sure, as long as we could too.  His message was
basically that he is a perfect person and knows how to become perfect.
We just need to follow the ten commandments.  He kept going on and on
about how he is the son of god and he believed in reincarnation and so
I asked him straight up if he believed in a past life if he was Jesus
Christ.  He looked at me in the eyes and said Yes and in the life
before that he was Moses.  I was trying hard not to laugh at that one
too.  He then kept going on and on about how we were false prophets
and all this crap but oh well.  His loss for not truly being saved by
the gospel.  We have had some good lessons this week however.  DD, our
best investigator, is scheduled for baptism on December 26th which
would be awesome if it happens.  I hope it does actually happen.  We
met a few cool people this week who possibly have potential so we will
see how this week goes.  I don't have too much more for this week. I
am just super excited to see all of y'all on Christmas and hope you
have a great week.
Elder Crouch

Night With Canton Elders

Zone Conference 

My new room decor

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