Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 12, 2016

hey mom!
I got my transfer call and I am staying in the Area.  We didn't get
shut down.  But Elder Crisp is getting sent to Shreveport Area.  We
don't get to know our areas or companions until we head to transfer
meeting tomorrow so it should be interesting seeing who I have.  I am
just a jo shmo missionary.  No leadership or responsibility other than
leading the area since I know it geographically.  Morgan is like
destroyed.  He loved Elder Crisp.   So hopefully he still will come
out with us.  And dang, Allison taking her drivers test is weird.  But
life moves on right.  Its going to suck giving up the car tomorrow
because that's been such a life saver.  We were way more productive as
well with it.  Yeah the lady who made those crochet angels was really
nice.  I watched her make them and she makes them sooo fast its
ridiculous. But that was nice of her to send you some as well.  This
week has been pretty good.  We may not have taught the most amount of
lessons.  But we had a very productive week as in terms of seeing more
people who are more interested.  hopefully it stays that way because I
hate starting from ground zero and having no where to really work with
because its either really good or really bad down here when it comes
to the work.  This week we got to go to the Knolls house for dinner
and hang out with the twins and that was awesome.  They are a super
cool family.  And the twins have the missionary system down.  They
know that Elder Crisp could come back to the ward if he is called to
be an AP and that every six weeks is transfers haha.  They will be
good misisonaries when they are older.  But this week has been pretty
normal.  Nothing too exciting.  I was in canton Mississippi for one
day doing an exchange and we were walking and saw a bunch of teenagers
playing street basketball and me and Elder Larsen played them for a
lesson and we won.  They said we couldn't beat them again, so we ended
up beating them four times hahaha.  The power of the priesthood is
real.  That was probably the highlight of the week.  I will be able to
give you info on my companion tomorrow at T Point.  But until then I
hope you have a great day.
Elder Crouch

Some pics of my last couple of days with Elder Crisp

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