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October 26, 2015

Hey mama
This week has been pretty fun.  First of all my companion is Named Alex Crisp and is from Apache Junction Arizona.  Don't go stalking his family because they don't have Facebook haha.  Me and him teach together well and we have a good area that isn't big but has a lot of apartment complexes so we have a loooot of people that we can see. 
Coolest spiritual thing that has happened since we have gotten here is that we are out tracting and knock on a door and the guy named steven is on the phone but sees us, hangs up and immediately tells us to get in the house.  He pulls out a book of Mormon and drills us with concerns and questions and we practically dropped a spiritual bomb in that guys head.  He is having us over Tuesday to talk more.  We tract for at least an hour or two each day which I wasn't expecting.  The zone down here is pretty cool.  All the missionaries are fun to be around and make me laugh quite a bit.  I have already had some door slams and run in with a Federal Chaplian who was a BIIISSSSHHH.  Her loss for not having salvation in her life.  We have handed out around 14 books of Mormon this week and maybe had 20 lessons.  Its not that much though because if you think about it we are out fromnoon until 8 pm each day soooo 20 lessons 48 hours.  Not  too shabby however.  I got my bike.  Its that black and yellow 29 inch bike that we saw at walmart when we checked in California.  Right now its forcasted to be raining and will last all week.  Last night my area got four inches of rain.  The area down here is pretty however but I feel like a white sheep surrounded by black sheep.  Don't think I have taught a lesson to a white person at all except for a dinner appointment I had yesterday. 
In my ward that I serve in there is a Knoll family and I was like "no way there is a relation" but its brother Knolls brother and they have an awesome family and me and Elder Crisp are being power rangers with their 6 year old twin boys at the Trunk or Treat on Wednesday.  Those kids are legit. 
Coolest non spiritual thing that's happened this week is that I have officially mastered the rubix cube and can solve it in like 2-3 minutes now.  Took me an hour to learn haha. 
Other than that there hasn't been much going on this week.  We have a decent apartment and I have a lot of down time at night to experiment with food for random dinners.  They all have tasted good so far.  Worst thing I have eaten however were vomit, baby wipes, rotten egg, and grass clipping flavored jelly beans in a roulette style game.  It was awful.
I will send pics today if I have time. If not they will roll in soon.
Love you lots
Elder Crouch

This is my apartment.  We each get our own bathroom and shower which is nice and its a nice apartment compared to other elders in the area.

This is a picture of the bike I bought, a cool looking street here in Jackson with really big houses and then me and Elder Crisp tracting the streets of Jackson.

It was raining on sunday so we took the opportunity to go walking to our opportunity and the river and the streets looked pretty cool.

Lastly we couldn't miss an opportunity to model on the bridge in the rain. 

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