Thursday, January 21, 2016

November 23, 2015

Hey this week has been pretty  boring to be honest.  We have just tried so many people and not many answered or we have been rejected up the wazoo. But its okay because I get to write now and that's always the highlight.  We have been trying to see DD and Monte but monte got off parole and so since he can leave town he is visiting family members for a few weeks.  DD is just in a rough situation because her family threatens to kick her and her little boy out if she joins the church.  She really likes the church but thanks to her awful mom, she wont commit to baptism.  So every investigator we meet is through tracting because our area is so small we don't get a single referral.  So we meet them through knocking on doors.  And the bedding you got me is pretty warm.  The comforter especially.  I take it off my bed and just wrap up in it each night and its nice and toasty.  I sleep pretty good. I throw on a hoodie and some sweats and then hop in bed and I am set.  Monte is a ripped 22 year old who got in trouble when he was 16 but they delayed his court case until he was 18 to punish him more than necessary and he has been on parole for 5 years but has stayed out of trouble and really likes the church and I think he can get baptized.  DD is a 19 year old girls with a 4 year old boy and is pregnant again.  Lives with her parents and doesn't work.  Just stays at home every day but she likes the gospel but her family hates us with a passion which makes it really hard.  They are our only real solid investigators at the moment.  After eating at a members house on Friday I realized how dangerous the area I am in actually is.  Gang membership is really high around here and its gang initiation time and so within my area there has been like 5 murders within a week or two.  I have only seen sirens luckily but I hear about them all.  One was a lady getting beat with a baseball bat by the mall down the road out of no where and she died.  I get a little scared every time a car slows down by us at night now but I will be alright.  Got the Lord on my side.  That sucks that dad has Jury duty but hopefully its a quick case.  Its getting really cold here.  Its hitting the High 20s when we bike at night and that sucks when we go downhill and the wind blasts you in the face.  I should look and see if I can find some more cheap sweaters.  That's funny about Allison as well.  Its what she gets for telling me the countdown of when she can date.  I tell her that if she dates I will just have to send a hit man from down here to take the boy out.  I have one too.  A investigator told us that if anyone bothers us that we just tell him and he has got his 9 millimeter just locked and ready all the time which cracked me up but he was dead serious.  He has got our back.  Stiches are out and the head healed nice.  I have like a harry potter scar but It will make for a good story later in life.  Other than that I don't have much to talk about.  WE are getting fed Thursday for Thanksgiving at the EQ Presidents house and the turkey bowl is Thursday also and I can play in it which I am super excited about.  I hope you all have a great week. And thanks for the pizza.  It was delicious.  
Love you
Elder Crouch

Thanks for the pizza delivery

Found a tree swing so we took a picture on it

My new shoes compared to my old ones

My fixed teeth

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