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October 20, 2015

So as of Last night I am officially in Mississippi.  I woke up at 2:30 AM monday morning, left the MTC and flew to Atlanta Georgia at 830 and then from atlanta flew to Jackson Mississippi where I met my new Mission President.  The area around here is so pretty and if you Picture the show Duck Dynasty, the landscape is exactly the same thing.
Tonight I head to my area which is Madison Mississippi and my Companion is Elder Crisp.  I dont know much about him due to the Fact I met him five minutes before I started emailing.  My last few days in the MTC were awesome and I had a lot of spiritual experiences.  The last devotional we had was awesome.  Brother Lewis spoke and he was a famous BYU tight end.  Then midway through the devotional he had the coolest guy bear his testimony.  FREAKING TAYSOM HILL.  I about became a fan girl for a second.  Dude is such a spiritual stud. Its weird being around people that could be potential investigators.  Hopefully I succeed.  My mission area right now is all  bike which should be interesting.  I was hoping for some car but i am one of the only 4 areas that is all bike.  Lucky me..... 
But other than that, there is not a lot of new stuff.  Keep emailing me
Until next week
- Elder Crouch
Mississippi Jackson Mission

I got to email so that is good!! So I am heading to Madison Mississippi and my companion is Elder crisp.  I dont know anything about him yet but next week I will give you all the dirty details.  I got your packages of bedding but havent opened them yet.  So ill let you know that next week as well.  I tried emailing pictures from the camera using two different emails and sent them both to your address. Let me know if it works and that is how I will continue to send photos each week if it does work.  The Area down here is super pretty.  The trees are so thick and it makes me think of Duck Dynasty.  I asked the AP if they were actually accepting or if people teach them and they said that the Robertson family consistently takes the Missionary discussions sooo maybe they will convert sometime soon hahaha.  I am all bike which will suck but I will make the best of it. I already saw my apartment just for a split second.  Seems fine.  I will do alright down here.  The food is already good and I have only had one meal.  I loved listening to Taysom Hill.  He was just awesome.  And it was great hearing everyones voices again. I have been writing in my journal every night.  Havent skipped a day yet and I dont plan too. 
Thats all from me really since we talked about the stories over the phone.  So Until next week.
Love you lots
Elder Crouch

Hey Papa
Hows life going. Mississippi is awesome. The weather right now is pretty good and I will experience a lot of the outdoors since I am serving in Madison Mississippi: All Bike mission. That will last around 12 weeks at least. So this should be an interesting few weeks. My companion is Elder Crisp but I dont know much about him since we met right before I began Emailing. The food is already awesome down here. The Couple missionaries made some pumpkin Spice cake and holy crap its good. I am also glad I can finally go days without wearing my suit jacket 24/7 unlike the MTC where it always had to be on. My apartment from the look of it seems alright. It reminds me of a very green and tree filled Elko. Apparently i have an awesome ward with 11 missionaries serving in the ward. My last week in the MTC flew by and it was awesome ending it hearing from Brother Lewis, former BYU and Phillidelphia Eagles Tight End. and then when Taysom Hill went up I was so excited. He is a spiritual giant. I tried so hard to get to shake his hand but he had to leave right when I parted the missionary red sea to get to him. Other than that the MTC was the same so my stories this week arent to exciting. It was awesome hearing everyones voice last night. It pushed me to do good today and the rest of the time I am here until we talk again on christmas. So thats it for this week. Cant wait to email you on monday.
Love you lots
Elder crouch

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