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October 10, 2016. Happy Hump Day to Me! And One Squirrel Eaten.....

Hey Everyone,
With one year now completed of my mission, I find myself thinking a lot about what has happened and what I have to come and the decision to serve has been something I am really glad about doing.  It was never something that I had planned and I think I probably surprised a few of you by my decision to serve but I am glad that I am here  right now in Ruston Louisiana serving the Lord.  
This week was a week filled with just good luck with Members. We went out with Brother Randall two days this week for a few hours and each time we were able to contact a few referrals and we also were able to just stop in on a lot of less actives me and Elder Vinson did not even know exist.  It is way cool seeing someone who really knows who lives in their community and has a care for each person he meets. That is why the prophets talked about building up the church where you live. He is a great example of that.  We also were able to teach a few of our investigators on our own throughout the week and we are starting to get an investigator named Devon who is a student at the college here in Ruston pretty serious about the gospel and we are hoping we can soon commit him to a baptismal date.  Me and Elder Vinson are getting along really well and we are having the right amount of fun while teaching with unity with everyone we are talking too.  What more can you ask for.  
Crazy story for the week.  Me and Elder Vinson were at a College Students apartment for a meal appointment and he said that he was going ot get us something when he was out hunting.  He pulled the food out of the oven and it was two baked squirrels still perfectly in their squirrel shape.  Not the thing I was dreaming to have on my plate but it did not taste too bad.  The only weird thing was the fact that it still looked like the squirrel as you were picking at it.  But hey it gave me a good memory.  
But i hope you all have a great day and week.

Hope to hear back from y'all.

Hey Momma and Dad,
First of all, thanks so much for the package.  The suit was not wrinkled like you were worried about and that floral tie was sick!  Way to set the tie standard high haha.  You gotta beat it every time.  The pictures with the camel hat cracked me and some of my friends out here up.  I was surprised you got Jared Gunderson to wear that hat.  And everyone down here keeps saying me and Dad are twins.  I dont think we are twins but I can see the resemblance haha.  
This week has flown by and been pretty darn fun and succesful.  Crazy firsts and just succesful teaching days.  We had a Zone Meeting this Wednesday and it was fun too see a bunch of people.  I really like who all came into the Monroe Zone this transfer.  A lot of my good buddies and we just had a good time.  In the zone we had this thing where randon companions would get called out and have to sit in front of everyone and one of the Zone Leaders would pose as an investigator with a hard question and we would have to simply answer their question with a scripture and short powerful statements.  Everyone that went up there sucked and their questions seemed so hard and them boom me and Vinson get called up there and we are like "Oh Crap Here it comes" and we get up there and get a question and we just rocked it.  Everyone in the room was laughing at everyones practice until we went up there and silenced everyone with our practice.  We just did way good and the Zone Leaders pulled us aside afterwards and said we killed it and so it was nice to have everyone know that two goofballs in the Mississippi Jackson Mission actually can teach and teach well.  
We went out with Brother Randall a few days this week and he just has a really good positive attitude and knows everyone in Ruston and so we just drive around with him and he will be like "I havent seen this person in years lets stop in on them" and we end up teaching them.  I now know why the Prophets say "Stay in your area and build up the church" because knowing your community really helps the missionary work flourish.  We were able to contact a lot of bible refferals this week and that made it so that we could have a little bit bigger of a teaching pool,
I am so pumped that I finally hit my year mark.  That was one day that just seemed far away and now I feel like an old misisonary.  I have been out longer than half the mission.  Pretty crazy to me.  We had some fun.  We just kind of chilled with a member and we ate just soaked it all in I guess.  It didnt feel like a big day when it was actually there.  Just made me feel good that I finally made it.  
Weirdest thing this week though happened to me at a members house.  A college student comes up to us and says that he is going hunting and that he will have some food for us when he is back.  So Saturday we go over to his house so that we can eat dinner.  He opens up the oven and it is two baked squirrels.  Like legs stiff as a board and you can totally tell it is a squirrel and it was sooo gross looking.  He just chopped it into fourths with a butcher knife and slapped it on our plate and said had at it.  I mean it wasnt gross tasting but just the fact that you could tell exactly what you were eating was not what I liked. But it was a good story for sure.  
Thats all the crazy things this week.  I will end the e mail there so we can chat a bit.  Love you and hope you have a great week. Oh I am actually supposed to ask about the story of Emma and the Gated Community while she is driving. But Love ya
Elder Crouch

Hawtest zone around..

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