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September 6, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been alright.  I have been trying to get as much work as I can done here in this area because the Sisters before have left me with basically nothing.  We are in a college town and all the students move in next week though and so there should be like a doubling of people moving to Ruston and so that should be cool. We live right across the street from all the dorms and just half a block from all the sororities and then another half block from the Football stadium for Louisiana Tech and so that is a perk to where I am at.  This first half of the week we were just trying to organize all of our records and call everyone we could and all the people that the sisters before hand have taught but its been a slow process.  Finally on Saturday we were able to get some teaching rolling a little bit and hopefully something more will come out of it this week as we are trying to find and as more people are moving into the city of Ruston.   
I went on an exchange with Elder Vinson from Sidney Australia this week and he is like my favorite missionary I have met so far.  We were supposed to switch at 930 Friday night and then go until church on Sunday but Saturday night he was feeling super sick and he ended up puking and all that and so we were not able to go to church and that was a bummer since it would have been my first sunday in the Ruston ward.  I was stuck at home babysitting another missionary and hopefully I stay pretty healthy.  Dont want me getting sick now.
We have a member down here in Ruston named Brother Randall who we call Pops and we are his boys.  He goes out with us all the time and we basically are with him every day but other than him I dont think the ward efforts are too good when it comes to missionary work.  We did have dinner with a girl who is like 2 foot tall and like 90% blind.  She is a member and she is here in Ruston for a blind school since Ruston is the number 1 blind communitly and education in the country haha.  Pretty funny driving downtown actually.  Like there are signs saying if you see a blind person trying to cross the road not at a cross walk to call the police.  But it is pretty impressive how much Makala, the blind member, could do.  She is a superstar.
Elder Crouch

Elder Vinson

Duck Commander Office

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