Sunday, February 5, 2017

October 4, 2016. General Conference and Year Mark Coming up!

Hey Everyone
Sorry for not emailing yesterday.  Me and Elder Vinson got so busy and had so many people last second asking to help them out whether it be helping with some service or giving a member a blessing or even hiking the tallest peak in Louisiana.  A whopping 532 foot mountain.  Took all of 15 minutes to climb.  That is one thing I really miss.  It is weird but not seeing mountains every day is not my favorite.  But its all good because.....FRIDAY IS MY YEAR MARK.  One year down, one to go.  And I even found out that this transfer coming up in December is going to be 5 weeks instead of 6 because they church does not want people flying on Christmas week, so I get home October 4th of next year if nothing else changes now.  Thought that was pretty cool.

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference.  This Conference was a really good one and it focused a lot on member work whether it be member missionary work or Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching.  There was also a big emphasis on the Gospel of Jesus Christ mainly on Repentance which is always a good thing to hear.  Scary sometimes but needed.  Me and Elder Vinson this week worked pretty hard and got some good lessons in.  We were able to take the investigators from both of our areas since we are combined now and we just saw them all and there are some cool people.  I could see us getting a baptism by mid November which is exciting.  We are also emphasizing the college because that is our key into talking to people who are constantly questioning things and open to knowledge.  On Wednesday, a member going to LA Tech named Joey got us in to the campus for a Gumbo night and it was cool just talking to people my age.  We also had some investigators invite us to a place for dinner and they paid for us which was way nice of them and we just talked about Adam and Eve and became pretty good friends.  The people here in Ruston are way nice to us.

We were able to watch the first sessions of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday at the Church and then we had two members who let us watch the evening sessions at their house and each day they fed us.  Brother Randall was one of the members and he calls us his Boys and always feeds us Fried Chicken.  Never in my life have I eaten so much freaking fried chicken haha. And then the other family was the Stuckis and they are just way cool.  We were able to mess around in the back yard a bit and I was doing so flips on the trampoline and their daughter plays volleyball and she had a net in the backyard and so that was fun too.  I really liked General Conference and because the first of October next year is on Sunday, I only have one more general conference on my mission.

One Miracle this week was that we went to help a Less Active move some furniture because she is handicapped and so we did that and she had two non member friends at her house and they asked if one day we could help them with some service.  We said sure if we can share a lesson and then they stopped talking about it.  Later that night, the lady called us and said that they both loved us and after she talked to them more, she said that both ladies would like a Book of Mormon and a lesson and so we will be setting up a time to teach them soon.

Other than that nothing exciting really has happened to me.  I am just pushing on through.  Hope you all have a great week.
With Love
Elder Crouch

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