Sunday, February 5, 2017

September 19, 2106

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a great week and that it was something that made you somehow come closer to the savior.

First of all we did get the pizza and everyone was very much appreciated.  Everyone was like "We Love You Momma Crouch" so there you go haha.  Sounds like you all had a fun week as well.  A little bit more fun than me but my week was not that bad.

We started off the week with a pretty eventful P Day.  There is a member in the ward who we help out most Mondays painting the house he is making and we did that in the morning and then I got a haircut and we played basketball and then we taught some lessons and then boom the day was over.  Tuesday we had a Zone conference in Monroe and that was really long and uncomfortably hot.  I hate it when I cant move around when the Chapel is steaming hot.  It just sucked haha but we learned about how we can be more bold in our commitments and teaching and having more awkward moments like approaching more random people on the street which I haven't had too much of a problem with but it was still good to practice things like that.  Then the rest of the week we just hit the ground running as best as we can.  I had another exchange on of the days with Elder Vinson from Australia.  He is one of my favorites in the mission right now.  I am crossing my fingers he stays another transfer here because we find out a week from today what happens with transfers.  Crazy how fast that flew by.  We have been knocking the doors of the colleges a lot and I am sure I have said this already but I really like teaching people the same age as me.  It makes it more like talking to a friend then awkwardly telling an old person about Jesus.  So that is one really cool thing about Ruston is the environment of the people at least near our apartment.  However because it is College, people are not always home and so it is really hard catching people for the second time we visit them.
I had to speak this sunday in the Ruston ward and it was the first time i had even been in the ward.  Like I was introducing myself to the Bishop and then got on the stand and spoke which was pretty interesting but it was what happens when your ward is only like 60 people on a good Sunday and a new missionary comes on in.  I had to speak on Service and how it could bless our lives as we continue to seek to find it.  So far a decent week and Hopefully it carries on into this week.  Look forward to talking to y'all more.
With Love
Elder Crouch

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