Sunday, February 5, 2017

September 26, 2016 Staying in Ruston

Hey Everyone,
Things are going good.  This week is going a lot better than last one too because we finally are getting fed because the meal calendar was getting passed around.  It will be a lot better this month.  But first of all, I found out about transfer.  My area is getting closed down but that is not as bad as you think.  There were two sets of missionaries in Ruston and now there is only going to be one and it will be me and Elder Vinson (the Australian) which I am so excited about because he is like my best friend in this mission so these next six weeks are going to be a blast.  Kind of a bummer losing Elder Cox but I think he will do good in a new area.  
This week we had a feeling that we were going to lose an area so all we really did was go through all of our potentials and see how many good investigators we could get out of it so that we could have a good head start for next week so me and Elder Cox taught a few of our potentials and our investigators and did not tract as much as last week but still got out there and stayed busy.  One cool thing we did was we got a call to help a non member with some service.  She is neighbors with the Relief Society president.  Two years ago her husband died and she has agreed to have her member friend to temple work for her husband and so we are going to try and use that as an in to teach her.  And then we also set a person named David with a date for baptism.  Not sure if I have told you guys that yet.  Other than that, those are the real high lights for the week.  I am now officially FULL CAR YAHOOOOO
Hope y'all have a great week.  Thats really all i have today.  Hope to hear from y'all soon.  With love.
Elder Crouch

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