Sunday, February 5, 2017

September 12, 2106. 11 Months Down

Hey Everyone.
This week has been an alright one. Pretty slow still but at the same time we got a good bit done.  First of all, I hit 11 months this week and so one more month and we are at the year mark.  Things have just been draining though.  All types.  Emotionally physically spiritually.  I am pretty tired and just kind of have the idk mentality.  We have been trying to hit the colleges hard and we are tracting them like crazy and it is sometimes really nice having some people that are the same age and all of that but at the same time it gets a little hard because it is on a college everyones schedule is so crazy it is so hard to find a time that most people will be home.  There was a home football game this Saturday and the whole city was dead which made work hard for us.  We just went and cleaned the church because everyone was at the school watching them play.  It was cool to see so many people but almost impossible to teach anyone.  It has been really hard though filling all of the time of the day because knocking doors all day everyday gets pretty old especially when success is not coming that much and so we are trying to find ways to make it more enjoyable to make the time go by faster like we will take all four elders to a dorm building and every floor we will switch companions and you get to see how everyone tries to get into doors and you learn tricks.  But we have also been doing some service for a member.  He is in the bishopbric and he is building his own house and so we have been helping him paint it as well.  Sunday we had Stake Conference and a member from the Quorum of the 70, Elder De Hoya was there and I was sitting front row and so that was pretty darn cool. Also on Thursday, I went on a tour of the Louisiana Center for the Blind because a member is a student there and it is like the best school for the blind teaching them how to live and read braille and things like that and it was really cool to see.  Other than that, I havent done much this week.  Just trying to live it day by day. But that is about it from me. Hope y'all have a great week.
Elder Crouch

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