Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29,2016 Sooooo Big Change!!!

Hey Mom and Dad, 
I have a lot of people I have to email and am running on like no sleep because of what happened last night so it was best to email you both.  There was a situation in Ruston with the sisters there and a stalker that got arrested and the missionaries got scared that and couldnt sleep and did not feel safe and so last night at 945 PM President Olson called me and Elder Cox and we are both getting Emergency Transferred to Ruston Louisiana tonight.  We stayed up way late packing so we could have as normal of a Pday today as possible.  So if you think the girls would want duck dynasty stuff I would need to know today haha.  We are swinging by that store after emailing.  I was so mad when I got the call but there isnt much I can do about it but go down there.  

Other than that terrible news last night, this week was all right.  We had some good lessons and we set people with Baptismal dates and had people really getting excited about the gospel which makes me kind of ticked because I wont see those people really progress anymore.  President has given us permission to come to West Monroe to teach those with the most potential still that we have found but it will still be hard to see them really grow because we won't be able to go to their sacrament meeting. 

On the good news, about my bike, I bought a nice bike off of an elder for like 40 bucks since he is going home soon and is currently in a full car area and so I got lucky with one that should last me well the rest of the mission.  Its cool how things happen like that when you need them.  Its like a 300 dollar or more bike so score for me.  

It is horrible to hear about what happened to Phil Honable.  He was an awesome guy.  He will definitely be missed.  As for Angel Larson.  The paper mill does good thing I am getting out of there for that reason. 

That's really all the crazy stuff for the week.  The other stuff was pretty same old same old other than me playing football again and making some cool throws.  I think my hip is torn because its killing me on certain movements but I am fine biking and walking and all that missionary stuff.  

Hope to chat a bit and hopefully you dont stress too much about me and the girls first day of school today.  
Love ya
Elder Crouch

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