Monday, August 22, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hey Momma and Padre,
It looks like the house is super nice from what I can see.  Kind of hard to tell what everything is like from the few pictures I have seen. Ava sent me pictures of her room now haha.  Looks like a girls room for sure and the pool looks pretty nice.  Is it deep at all?  I am excited to see Gundy when I get home too and that will be nice seeing all of the Vegas homies.  That is crazy that the new ward shattered the record of 37 minutes to unload the pod and the Uhaul.  I think that is unheard of.    Is it nice to finally be done with all of the school and now you can live life the way you want to?  And how was the ward for the first sunday or were you gone because of the farewell?  And hopefully the training at work goes well.  I am sure that it will be fine and that you will pick up on it pretty fast. 
My week was alright.  Me and Elder Bingham taught a lot and that makes up for a lot of things that have been annoying in the past lately.  We at the same time were struggling with getting people actually progressing.  Like people will take the lessons but acting on them is a whole other thing.  We taught a lot of new people and second lessons as well and so its hard for people to really start progressing by that point in time.  My best friend in the mission, Elder Ah Ching went home this week and that was really sad and it made me just miss home a lot and I was thinking about you guys and the move and Meghann and all the people I really miss and so this week was kind of a rougher one.  I just wanted time to go by fast so I could have it P day again so I could say hello to everyone.  I am entering the last week of July and that means August is coming up which means the hottest month of the year too so that should be fun down here in the South.  
I was super mad about my suit pants.  They just wore right through right in the butt seam.  I have a picture i can show you.  It is just pretty ridiculous how many times those pants become a situation haha.  It was quite embarrassing when I found out that there was a whole in them and I had been wearing them all day at church.  Luckily the jacket covered it and so no one saw.  Suit pants arent my specialty I guess.  
But we did have a decent week in all.  We taught the family history class and that was a decent turnout.  About 6 people came and so there was not a lot but enough to where we could get a gauge on who is really interested in this type of work.  I have a feeling that my next transfer is going to deal with something family history related or me having to set up a class or something which is a bunch of work so hopefully that is not the case haha.  I am already half way through this transfer though and my 10 month mark is coming up soon so I guess times going quick but man I am missing everyone. 
But I hope you all have a great week and we can chat some more.  Love you and cant wait to talk to ya.
Elder Crouch

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