Monday, August 22, 2016

June 6, 2016 Blessings Come When You are Tried

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for slacking and not sending out a group email in a few weeks. If you haven't heard, my new companion is Elder Prater and he is from Camarillo California and we get along pretty well.  We worked the hardest both of us have worked in a while this past week and we were not seeing any success at all.  We tracted a ton, we saw a bunch of potentials and it just was the worst time to see them, we had a bunch of rejections and what not and we were just getting pretty bummed.  Then the weather got bad later in the week and that just put the icing on the cake with the rain storms as we are having a rough week.  We were wondering how we would accomplish a challenge given to us by our Zone Leaders as it was mid Saturday and they wanted a new person committed to Baptism by Sunday and we didnt even have a good other lesson the whole week.  But on our way home that Saturday night, we saw a guy in his car port named Rosco and Elder Prater felt impressed to talk to him and so we did and we taught him the restoration and then it all went well and we set him with a Baptismal Date!! And we were so pumped and we thought that was the end of the blessings for the week but two more awesome ones happened.  Ma'Kala, the recent convert that was baptized 6 weeks ago, had been in a patch of not coming to church and we got her to come back this Sunday and it was way awesome seeing her there.  And then Sunday we got a referral on the phone for a bible and we contacted her and she requested for us to swing by this morning a few hours ago and so we swing by to give her the bible and ask if we can share a message with her.  We shared the Restoration with her and she was the most receptive person I have taught on my whole mission and she was way into it.  She requested for a Book of Mormon before we could even ask if she would like a copy and she accepted a Baptismal date of July 2nd.  So two new solid investigators to end up a rough week.  The Lord really blesses you in your trials and when you are staying obedient.  A good example of this is Mosiah Chapter 24.  Go ahead and read that chapter and let me know what it meant to you.  I hope y'all have a great week and cant wait to hear back from everyone.  
Elder Crouch

Hey Mom and Dad,
This week started so slow and until Friday I thought it was going to be the crappiest week I have had on my mission by far.  Like we weren't lazy.  Me and Elder Prater had worked the hardest I have worked in a long time with just a determination to find someone to baptize. We got rejected a whole day straight.  Like rude rejections.  Cuss outs.  All the mayhem.  Then it was like a hurricane and like the worst weather ever and we were just so dang depressed and wondering why things were going so bad.  Then Saturday came along and we had known about a challenge for us to set someone with a date by Sunday night and we were like "how the heck are we going to do that with such a bad week" and on our way home all like sad and what not, there is a guy outside his house just chilling and his name was Rosco and we talked to him and shared with him the Restoration and then set him with a Baptismal date.  And he was way pumped.  And then that night at one in the morning we apparently got at text for a bible referral and this morning we went to see this lady and she was so excited to see us.  We gave her the bible she wanted and then we asked her if we could share the restoration and she said yes and we shared it with her, committed her to a baptismal date and she is the most prepared person I have talked to. The Lord blesses you in your trials.  That is for sure.  
On another note, not to exciting.  Kind of sad actually. I had been getting really good at giving my self hair cuts and I needed another one and it just takes so long so i was seeing if there was a way with the clippers i could do it faster and so I saw this gaurd that looked like it was short on the left and worked to a longer length on the other side and it would cut it how i would usually cut it with scissors....NOPE.... it freaking bicked all my hair.  So now my hair is a one on the side and a two all on top.  Pissed me off so bad.  But luckily my hair grows back fast haha.  I look like that same kid from elementary school.  Its sad.  But i will have it back in a few weeks lol.
but thats about it for me.  Hope to hear back soon and hope your week is awesome.
Elder Crouch

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