Monday, August 22, 2016

August 8, 2016 10 Months Down!

Hey Padre,
I am glad that you are at least enjoying the time you dont have to spend at the hospitals on the weekends and yes the shoes fit.  They make me really tall so I will probably tower over you if I wear those when I get home off the plane haha.  They give me like another inch or two on my height and I wore them to mutual at the church and everyone was like "Dude you look like a giant"  I am like 6'5" or 6'6" with those on.  So I like wearing them haha.  And apparently you saw the picture of JaNae black and me.  Her husband went to Dental school with Brad through the Air Force and so they are pretty good friends.  And then I gave that one girl Allisons information because I knew Allison was looking for some friends and she seemed nice haha. That is also really cool that Allison got a job at Kneaders.  I am glad that the one girl visiting here got in contact with her.  Maybe they can hang out or something.  Thats why I gave her Allies contact stuff that I knew.  And small world even more, Sister Black grew up in Burley Idaho and I said that I have family there and she said what are the last names.  I told her Bowen and Wahlstrom and she said she knew and Aimee and Brad because Brad and went to dental school with her husband and I said that they were my aunt and uncle and so that is why she posted the picture ahah.  And yeah it is getting pretty hot down here on the coast.  Good thing I may only be here one more week and that the summer is almost over.  And Yeah its hot and all but some missionaries complain about the heat and make it sound a lot worst than it really is.  To me, its bearable.  

This week was an alright week for me and Elder Bingham.  We taught a good bit of lessons but not really to new people.  The way we keep tract of lessons is we tally every lesson taught to someone for the first time, second time and 3+ times.  We had 2 firsts, One Second, and 11 3+ and so we are kind of struggling with finding some new people but its all good in the hood.  We got Betty to come to sacrament again and all of her friends that are active want to take her out to lunch or something and then we will teach her with her friends on Friday and hopefully she will accept baptism.  We were also just working on getting some of our investigators progressing more.  We are like at stand stills with everyone and it is a little frustrating but eventually we will get it all squared away and get some more people with a baptismal date.  

Crazy person of the week!: We were driving down the road in a neighborhood and there was like a 80 year old woman walking the street, smoking a cigarette, and bawling her eyes out and she waved us down and we stopped, rolled down the windows and asked if we could help her out somehow.  She kept saying she was lost and that her house was right there (pointing to the middle of the street) and then said it just randomly disappeared and just get saying over and over "I am lost". Then she just walked into a random house and nothing happened for a bit and so me and Elder Bingham just drove away haha. 

Today is the start of the last week of the transfer and so it could be my last week in Ocean Springs.  6 months is usually the longest someone stays in an area so I am almost expecting to get moved but I might be staying another transfer.  Who knows.  I wont know until next Monday.  Hopefully if I do move it is somewhere still in a city.  I really don't want to get transferred into the boonies haha.   But that is all I really have for now.  Cant wait to hear back and to chat a little bit.  Hope to hear from ya soon.
Love Ya
Elder Crouch

Instagram message Allison received:

Hey! so this is pretty crazy and goes to show what a small world this is. I live in Las Vegas right next to the temple and I am visiting my dad in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I'm pretty sure your brother, Elder Crouch, is serving in the Ocean Springs Ward in the Gulfport, MS Stake and as we were talking, I told him I recently moved to Vegas and he told me y'all had too!!

he was trying to give me directions to where y'all live and he said it was next to the Cheesecake Factory. 😂 Elder Crouch told me to follow you on insta! that's definitely something my brother would do, who is serving a mission too right now in Reno, Nevada. I had such a strong bond with my brother, so I know how greatly cherished emails and stories of him are.

so I hope this brings you so much joy to you and as you share with your family to hear that he is such an amazing missionary. this is my first Sunday being in the ward with Elder Crouch since I'm just visiting. today during fast and testimony meeting, your brother bore his testimony with his companion and a set of sister missionaries.
the Spirit was so strong as he spoke. the love he has for The Savior seemed to be pouring out of him as he bore his testimony. I hope this brightens your day to know your missionary is SO HAPPY and so amazing.

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