Monday, August 22, 2016

June 20, 2016

Hey Mama,
Sounds like you had a crazy week but glad that it was a good one and that is good that the girls had a good time at camp.  And its really weird now that you say that it was a year ago That i opened up my mission call.  Did not even think about that.  And that looks like a fun graduation dinner.  And who won the finals.  I know that it went to a game seven randomly even thought the Warriors were up 3-1 but I have not heard who took the series.  And which houses are you going to go look at today?
This week was pretty crazy for us. We had a lot of just long and hot days.  The heat index was around 105 but it was only really 90's so that shows ya the humidity haha.  We were pretty drenched since it got really hot when we didnt have the car.  But we were working pretty hard still.  We saw Rosco one more time this week and are trying to get him to commit to reading the Book of Mormon because he is starting to be flakey with commitments.  And then we also saw an investigator that has been taught for years and basically says he is mormon but he isnt haha.  He has a while to go before he is but he is super nice to us and he loves the religion.  His name is Jimmy and he just likes to learn about religion i guess. 
We did have a traumatizing experience while we were out with an 18 year old priest.  We thought that we should go try a guy named Brett and he is in a wheel chair and last time that I checked, he had only one leg.  But this time we go over there and now he had both legs amputated and he had just gotten home from the hospital the day before we showed up.  He decides that he is going to show us all his staples and so he lifts up his stump and of a leg and we then realized that he wasn't wearing any underwear and so we saw his stump and his guy parts that should be covered up at all times haha.  So dang gross.  I about busted up laughing so hard.  But yeah glad that we arent going back there for a while.
But cant wait to hear back and I hope that we can chat a bit while you drive.  Love you guys and have an awesome time in Vegas!
-Elder Crouch

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