Monday, August 22, 2016

August 1, 2016 Week 23 in Ocean Springs

Hey Mama and Padre,
This was a pretty interesting week.  My ankle is getting much better.  It is still sore but I can still just do my daily routine without it bothering me too much.  Just am not like sprinting down the street now.  I did get the pants and they all fit well.  I like those Izod's. Pretty darn comfortable.  Only bummer with light colors is when I sweat, everyone knows it hahaha.  And I will be on the lookout for those shoes (:  How is the orientation going? Is it pretty easy since it is the same system that you have been working on for like five years now?  Me and Elder Bingham had another really good teaching week but we were worried that no one would show up into sacrament meeting but we were wrong.  One of the ladies we were teaching, Betty (76 years old) showed up which totally surprised me and then also Arty showed up.  Betty sat with us during sacrament meeting and then afterwards she was flocked by all the old people in the ward and they all were like old friends of hers or old colleagues that she worked with at the VA hospital for the past 30 years earlier and so built in fellow shippers. We were teaching as much as we can and in the heat as much as we could be and so there we go.  Blessings from the lord.  We were trying to also focus on finding and so when we were out tracting and trying potentials we had some decent success as well.  One of the better ones was coming in contact with the son of a less active who is not a member and so that would be way cool if we could get him into church or something along those lines.   We have been trying to get on a good eating healthy spree as well.  Pretty creative stuff going on in the kitchen of the Ocean Springs Elders.  So far all of our creations have tasted good so I am not complaining haha.  
I am glad that the girls had fun at girls camp.  I am sure that was somewhat of a relief.  How is the new ward? You like it or is it whatever? And I had no idea that there was a Kneaders in Las Vegas.  Pretty darn cool.  But yeah my week was pretty basic.  Nothing too special.  It has rained a lot and so that is always fun but we are staying pretty dry at the same time which is always good.  Hope to hear back soon.  Love your favorite missionary.
Elder Crouch

Our Creation in the Kitchen 

Had a dog following us all day tracting,

Riding away from the crazy storm

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