Monday, August 22, 2016

July 18, 2016 Frozone in Ocean Springs?

Hey Dad and Momma,
Sounds like everything is almost done for the move and by the looks of the pictures it seems like you had a really good turnout for your party with your coworkers.  Sounds like everything is almost done for the move and those pictures of the POD were pretty cool.  I never knew how they would actually get a POD too and from a house and what not. This week for us was pretty slow but we were working really hard and some fun stuff happened and some blessings came to us at the end of the week as well.  We were struggling to find people to teach and so what we did is we got a member who came home early from a mission who is way good at basketball to go with us to a park and we played some people two on two for a lesson and since he was on the other team, we made sure that me and Elder Bingham always won and so we got some lessons going that way.  That was pretty fun.  And then he took us out and we finally got to teach some new people.  We were struggling with getting people to come to church though but on Friday, we got a referral from a Wyoming saying that her friend is coming to Ocean Springs and she is right now basically homeless but she loves church and she wants to eventually be baptized.  Her name is Shana and so we got a member to pick her up and she was able to come to church this Sunday which was pretty cool.  She was able to see that she has a ward family down here and that she cant feel comfortable in the Ocean Springs ward.  We also got a long time investigator who has been taught for almost 8 years to finally come back to church and his name is Gary Snyder and so that was cool seeing two of our investigators in church this Sunday.  Those were the big highlights of the week.  I am hoping that we can continue on the high note that we ended off on this week and have an even better week this time.  But I will keep it shorter today so we can chat a little bit more.  Love you and cant wait to hear back.  
Elder Crouch

 inside a way cool car in the ward

 ah ching right before he went home today

​spotted frozone

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