Monday, August 22, 2016

August 15, 2016 Read Yo White Handbook Elder.......No Video Games

Hey Mama and Padre,
Transfer calls came in and I am leaving Ocean Springs tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning but with the new way transfers are working, I have no clue where I will go or who I will be with for this next six weeks so its a mystery.  Kind of nerve racking actually.  I am glad that Ava got her birthday card and it is really weird seeing Allison working.  How much does she actually work and whats she making?  And that is a bummer that the barbecue place wasn't that good.  How was Dad's talk? 

This week was a really rainy one for me and Elder Bingham.  There was a big storm that made it rain every single day and it rained hard and because we did not have the car this week we were only really able to work during the clear hours which were like 3-4 hours a day so that kind of sucked.  We somehow still had a decent teaching week.  Not our best but still pretty darn good.  We were able to teach Betty two more times, once by ourselves and once with some of the Members that are her friends and so that was a cool thing.  She came to church again and she is liking it.  She leaves after Sacrament meeting and so our next goal is to get her to stay for all three hours.  

We were able to get in contact and teach a lady named Kim Bizzack this week and she was someone who a few weeks ago she requested a blessing through a referral and she is not a member and it was for a major surgery she was having and she is pretty much recovered and so we were able to go over and teach her the restoration to her and her husband.  The husband did not like the message too much but she accepted a Book of Mormon and said she really wants to find out if its true and so that will be a good person for Elder Bingham and his next companion to work with.  

We also had a Zone Meeting this Wednesday and so it was a good day seeing all of the Missionaries in the Zone.  It was at the end of the transfer and our Zone did the best in the whole mission and so to reward us we did some funny gospel/things we miss from home Jeopardy.  Like my question was what song froze the city of Arrendale haha. 

Another day a Member took us out to go and try and see all the people on his big home teaching list and we were able to eat some good chicken katsu that he made and then see some less actives and then he was like "have you ever flown a flight simulator?" and he had a whole set up in a spare room and let us fly and the simulator is out of Luke Air Force Base and so I flew all over Las Vegas and did a close drive by the new house haha.  I thought that was pretty cool.
Those are all of the eventful things that I can think of right now.  I hope we will be able to chat a little bit. Cant wait to hear back.  Love ya!
Elder Crouch

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