Monday, August 22, 2016

June 13, 2016

So this week was pretty good.  We worked pretty hard and we had a better teaching week than last week but then it slowed down at the end of the week and it was hard to get a hold of anyone that was nearby.  But we still did pretty good.  On Wednesday, right after the Cochrans came down, we had to go to Gulfport for a big meeting and Me and Elder Prater had to teach the whole group on how to Recognize and Rely on the Holy Ghost and how we can use that to our benefit for when we are teaching others the Gospel which was a pretty hard topic because of how much there is and we only had about fifteen minutes. 
It was fun seeing the Cochrans.  Deep down it was a little weird because it was like having my second family right there and it was like IDK if i should hug them or say hi or what not so that just made me think how weird it will be when i come home for real and see everyone haha.   But it was also cool seeing the Alhaltehs.  They took us to a really nice restaurant and that was delicious and then they gave us some ice cream and so they spoiled us for sure.  Then also on Sunday, a member from the Madison ward and her kids came to visit there parents who are in the Ocean Springs ward and they said hey and so this week was filled with seeing people from the past haha.  But other than that we just focused on doing a lot of service as always.  We helped the library take up some bricks that they need in their back patio so they can remodel and things like that.  So fun labor haha.  But that was my week.  Cant wait to hear back.  And in case morgan didnt tell you those pants fit pretty darn good.
Love Elder Crouch

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