Monday, August 22, 2016

July 12, 2016

Hey Mama and Padre,
That is pretty crazy that you only have a few shifts left at Corona Regional.  And that by this time next week you will be in the new house.  My week was pretty fun.  Me and Elder Bingham are getting along pretty well.  We only really had like four work days because of meetings and transfers and all of that fun stuff and so with all of that combined we also had a decent teaching week as well.  We taught Jimmy a few more times and I am kind of stumped on him because he is not retaining things like he should so I got to somehow be creative and find a way for him to remember what we teach him that way he can progress and understand the importance of our message.  Honestly, right now that is the biggest problem right now with all of our investigators.  Them having real intent in finding out if this was true and so I was getting ticked and so what I did with all of them (Alana, Clint, Fredrick, Jimmy ect) is right there in our lessons, we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and I had them all get on their knees and specifically ask God if the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith were true.  The spirit was pretty strong each time an investigator did that and so I hope that they were able to feel what I did.  We will find out this week I guess.  Interviews with President Olson went pretty darn good.  He just said that I am doing really good and that he has seen a lot of change in me and he is excited for the rest of my mission and how this is going the be the best experience of my life and how I will be years ahead of those friends of mine who maybe did not go on a mission.  We just really chit chatted and he just said continue doing a good job haha.  Me and Elder Bingham have been working hard and it is fun being his companion. I think this transfer will go by quick.  Thats all really for me.  This week should be pretty normal as well haha.  Hope that you have a great week.  Love you.  Talk to you soon.
Elder Crouch

Fun at the trampoline park on P day

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